Technical Tips


Boxer at Idle

Boxer at WOT

Personal Locator Beacon and Satellite Messangers
by Susan O'Brien

Riding while carring a firearm
by Carl Welch

Horns for the R1200RS
by Deryle Mehrten

How Do You Pack Your Camping Gear?
by Deryle Mehrten

What Do You Carry In Your Tank Bag?
by Deryle Mehrten

She's Alive
by Deryle Mehrten

The Right Tool for the Job
by Deryle Mehrten

Another Leak Fixed
by Deryle Mehrten

Product Review: Beemer Bits Oil Filter Wrench
by Deryle Mehrten

Cheap Headlight Insurance
by Stan Thibaut

by Allen Moore

Clearwater Lights 
by Deryle Mehrten 

Horns for the new K Bikes
by Stan Thibaut

Owning Vintage BMWs
by Jeff Dean 

Vintage Owners Club Tech Day
by Don Cameron

EuroTech Motorsports Side Stand Foot Enlarger 
by Deryle Mehrten 

Front Wheel Stand
by Deryle Mehrten 

New Items in the Tool Kit
by Deryle Mehrten

Product Review:  Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge
 by Deryle Mehrten

Product Review:  Fuel Plus
y Deryle Mehrten

Quick Disconnects
by Deryle Mehrten 

Bike Carrier
By Mike Hoppe

Product Report
Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

by Deryle Mehrten

Auxiliary Light Mounts
by Deryle Mehrten

How NOT to trailer your bike
By John Simmons

Hearing Loss and How to Prevent It
by Liz McManus, M.S., CC-A,FAAA

Tips for Street Survival
Submitted by Jeff Dean

New & Improved Emergency Tire Inflation Kit
by Deryle Mehrten

Upgrade Your Early K-Bike Alternator
by Mick McKinnon

Servicing your R11XXRT or K1200LT Rear Shock Preload Adjuster
by Mick McKinnon

Motorcycle Tires or How Thick is Your Skin? 
From Iron Horse Motors Newsletter

In and Under Seat Storage for the BMW K1200RS
by Deryle Mehrten

Changing the Front Shock on a K1200RS
by Deryle Mehrten

The Law on Modulating Headlights on Motorcycles In Arizona
by Ricardo de la Moto

Ride Safe and Alert!
By Vic Paladini

What Annoys Us Can Be a Blessing in Disguise!
By Bill Schink

Tire Mounting/Balancing/Tools or How to Mount and Balance Tires
by Mac Kirkpatrick

Replacing the Rear Shock on a K1200RS
 by Deryle Mehrten

Dealing with Broken Taps
by  Kevin Ferguson

Auto Switch Product Report
by Deryle Mehrten

K75 Starting Problem
By Rob Lentini



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