Product Report:
Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger Tubeless Tire Repair Kit 

by Deryle Mehrten 

     The Stop & Go full sized tubeless tire plugger always gets top marks from the testers at Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN).  The plug is mushroomed shaped with the large end being “injected” into the tire so that the tire’s air pressure is pushing the mushroomed end against the inside of the tire.  This, hopefully, will make an air tight seal from the inside, the preferred method of the professionals.

     The first pocket version I saw was at the SEAT Christmas party.  Iron Horse Motorcycles donated it.  I didn’t win it, darn it, so I had to go out and buy one.

     Well this past September I got the opportunity to try the pocket version out.  The rear tire you see below was on a GL1800 Goldwing.  From start to finish, the plugger worked as advertised.  The tire held air on the first try.  The bike was driven to and from work for several days, no problem.

     The pocket kit easily fits under the K-bike’s seat.  Wouldn’t leave home without it.  Deryle Mehrten



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