What Annoys Us Can Be a Blessing in Disguise!
By Bill Schink

     There have been many letters to the editor of BMWMOA decrying the tendency of the K 75 to backfire when the throttle is rolled off hard at speed. At times, I must confess to being mildly annoyed at this tendency myself thinking that this backfiring must be hard on the exhaust system if nothing else. The following occurrence caused me to rethink my annoyance.

     Marilyn and I were returning from the National at Midland heading west on US highway 2. We had camped at Iron Mountain, WI and had broken camp and left very early on a misty, foggy Sunday morning to enable us to make a long day of it. Being in a densely wooded and remote area, I was particularly aware of the danger of deer crossings especially since we had counted 10 deer remains in the space of 25 miles. As we rounded a blind corner at about 65 MPH, my eye caught movement ahead and off to my right and a quick assessment brought the realization that, saving Divine intervention, we were going to hit a deer no matter what evasive tactic I chose.

     I slammed off the throttle and applied the ABS system to the max. True to form, the little K75 engine backfired as loud as shotgun blasts. That doe did a four-hooved sliding halt that ended just short of the road's edge as we passed within a couple of feet. I am absolutely positive that those backfires were the cause of that doe's rapid halt. Ever since then, every time the little K's engine pops, I'm reminded of that incident and am grateful for the popping rather than being annoyed.

     I suppose the moral of this little tale is that very often what annoys us can be a blessing in disguise. 

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