The Right Tool for the Job 

by Deryle Mehrten


The Right Tool for the Job – Craftsman Cable Operated Hose Clamp Pliers

Removing the radiator hose clamps on our 2008 BMW K1200GT by using my long nosed Vice Grips was an absolute struggle.  Busting a knuckle or two fighting to get two simple hose clamps off just wasn’t right.  There had to be a better way.

There’s a picture of BMW’s hose clamp tool in the OEM Repair Manual.  It looks like a special pair of pliers with notches that would fit the reusable hose clamps - they didn’t look any better than my long nosed Vice Grips.  A quick internet search on ‘hose clamp pliers’ produced a bunch of hits.  Because I use Craftsman tools the Craftsman Cable Operated Hose Clamp Pliers caught my eye.

Turns out our local SEARS store had a pair on the shelf.  Although they looked kind of weird I decided to buy them.  They were a little less than $40.00 and for the last six months or so they have sat in my tool box collecting dust and oil.

Well, yesterday (figuratively speaking) I tried them out as it was time to check the valves and replace the spark plugs on the ’08 GT.  That means I have to pull off the radiator and deal with those trick hose clamps.  It’s not a difficult job, just a lot to do. 

The first time out of the special tool drawer and man those cable operated hose clamps are the best!  I had the clamps off and the hoses removed in a jiffy - quick and clean, right now, just great!  The long cable makes it easy to get the business end of the pliers on the clamp, and the locking hook makes it a snap to move the clamp around on the hose.

Bottom line – the Craftsman Cable Operated Hose Clamp Pliers work.  The right tool for the job.

Wrench safe…

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