Cheap Headlight Insurance  by Stan Thibaut 

     I remember attending the SEAT Christmas Party after Deryle and Wanda had purchased their K1200GT. Many of us were in his rear motorcycle garage looking at that bike and some things he had done to it. While he explained things, he pointed out that he had put a headlight guard on the bike because after checking he had found that the headlight bucket cost $761 dollars to replace. That, of course, did not include any tax, shipping, or labor if someone else installed it.

     I normally put a guard on my headlights since years ago when my Moto Guzzi 1000SP took a rock through a Bosch glass lens that cost me $125. Deryle's words were in my mind when I bought the K1300GT last year.  As I was purchased items for the new bike, I made sure I purchased a headlight guard for just over $40 with tax.

     During a ride home from Las Vegas with Mike Proctor a while back, as we were stopping for gas in Kingman, when I put the left turn signal on to turn into the station it functioned quickly indicating a bulb must be out. I parked at the pump and checked the signals. I found I must have been hit by a rock on Hwy 93 as we came into the Kingman area. The object hit the headlight guard and broke it into two pieces toward the left end of the guard. Apparently the rock bounced off the left turn signal lens causing the bulb to become inoperable. The signal lenses did not break. I duct taped the guard together for the ride home.

     When I had a chance to go into Iron Horse, the turn signal bulb listed for about $20. I immediately ordered another headlight guard, as I checked the website and the headlight bucket for the K1300GT with a Zenon bulb is $867.40 list.

     I would recommend that if you don't have a guard on your headlight, you may want to consider obtaining one. Yes, the headlights are plastic now, but if the rock broke the guard and knocked out my turn signal, I wouldn't doubt that it could have damaged the lens. For peace of mind, I'm thinking it is cheap insurance.

     Ride Safe, Stan Thibaut




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