Product Review:  Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge

 by Deryle Mehrten

     Recently my older digital tire gauge quick working - the screen went blank and that’s it.  Although that particular brand had served me well, I decided to try another manufacturer.  Most all of my tools are Craftsman, making the Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge a likely replacement.

     The gauge is noticeably heavier than my previous digital gauge.  The added heft makes it a bit easier to handle.  The head swivels which really adds to its ability to get into multiple angles and tight spaces.  The display digits are large and easy to see.  With my trifocals that’s nice to have.  The red color around the top and bottom also makes it easier to find it in my tank bag.   The gauge sells for $25.00 plus tax.

     Pressure is measured in increments of .5 pounds per square inch and has a range of 5 to 99 psi.  With most vehicles requiring between 30 to 50 psi the Craftsman gauge will cover most needs.  There is a “programmable” setting to help remind users of their particular vehicle’s inflation rates; and there is a small led light built in to help see your tire stem in the dark.  Accuracy is stated at 1%, and the warranty is a “one year full warranty.”  Compared to my “calibrated” gauge, my particular Craftsman is within the stated 1%.

     The digital gauges I have had in the past have been less than rugged.  They have rarely lasted a year or more.  The reviews on this gauge on the SEARS site seems to confirm a year or less is possible.  Still, the gauge is easy to read, easy to get on the stem of my bike, and feels like a tool rather than a stick.  I’ll give mine a  serious work out over the next month or twelve and let you know.

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