Montgomery’s Grill & Saloon in Vail

 September 2010

     SEAT lunched at Montgomery’s Grill and Saloon several month’s back and gave them a SEAT Café Survey rating of 7.4.  That’s not a bad score when you compare it to all the different restaurants, cafés and diners SEAT has been to.  Quite a collection for sure.  Be sure to drop by and click on the Café Survey to give them a rating. 

     The new manager of Montgomery’s was very appreciative of us lunching with them and they showed it by doing a good job - the food was tasty and the ladies serving us were very good.  We took up one entire side of the restaurant and all the tall bar stools as well.  The outside seating was OK but got a bit warm as the afternoon heat began to build.  When we checked to see if all the bills were paid and no wallets were left behind, our servers thanked us and the manager asked us to come back again.  They did good, we probably will.

     Bikes began arriving about 11 am and by 11:30 the parking lot on the north side of the building had filled up with some very nice motorcycles.  Steve Beatty, “Supa Steve”, rode his S1000RR to the lunch, BMW’s latest super bike entry.  Steve is quite the rider and has nothing but praise for the new S1000RR.  Word is that Allen Moore has taken delivery of his new S bike as well.

     There were several new K1300s in the mix along with some very nice R1200s as well.  How many of you are considering the new K1600 six-cylinder cruiser/flagship BMW will begin delivering in a few months?  Too big?  A couple of new 800 twin models are on the way as well.  The number and style of BMW’s recent Motorcycle models has really expanded.  Interesting times with electric bikes beginning to be brought to the market.  An electric Beemer may be just around the corner.

          The monsoons, or the “seasonal rains” as some TV forecasters are now calling them, have dropped quite a bit of rain on Arizona this year and the landscape reflects it - so green it looks a bit surreal.  There’ll be a bumper crop of tumble weeds, mice, and those blasted grasshoppers.  Still, excellent riding weather this time of year in the early morning hours.  In just a blink you’ll need your heated grips and electric gear, how fast it changes.

     Happy Birthday to Paul Godwin, a young man in his 50s; and to Larry Andrade, Jr., his 21st birthday - now that is a young man for sure!  Happy Anniversary to Butch and Laura Porter on their 53rd year together; and Alan and Marilyn Speert celebrated their 39th anniversary in September.  A big SEAT Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you all!

     As some of the best riding days of the year are coming up, so are some of the best excuses for a ride as well.  The Deming Veteran’s Gathering in November is this month’s highlighted ride.  All the details and web site are just below.  Also, the SEAT Christmas Party is now set for the 12th of December.  These are both great excuses for a ride and should not be missed.  More to come. 

     The BMW MOA Mileage contest ends the 10th of October, the same day as the SEAT October lunch.  There will be ending forms and plenty of MOA members who will be more than happy to sign off on anyone’s form at the lunch.  

     Members present:  Larry Andrade & his son Larry Jr., Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Steve Beatty, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Nick Clement & his son Baron, Dave Delie, Chris Frey, Peter Godbois, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Craig Littlefield, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Linda & Ralph Morley, Dan & Pam Neal, Hitch & Judi Paprocki, Butch & Laura Porter, Jeff Prileson, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Alan Speert, Kelly Spicer, Barry West. 

     Thanks to all the SEAT members who where able to make it to the September lunch.  If you haven’t made a SEAT lunch in awhile, you need to come to the next lunch and see what you’ve been missing.  Great members make a great club!

  Ride safe and see you next month! 




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