Vail Steakhouse Cafť & Diner, Vail, Arizona

September 2009 

     The Vail Steakhouse Cafť and Diner looked pretty good inside.  The owner closed up shop for several months completely redoing the restaurant.  It was way better than the concrete floored Steakhouse SEAT lunched at several years back.

     We had the back room bar all to ourselves.  The bar was a nice place to put our helmets on, they looked kind of kewl lined up that way.  Not too many beers were sold to this group of serious riders.

     The food was good and the two waitresses assigned to us made sure we got it as fast as they could.  The owner asked if we were coming back next week.  They really did appreciate our business...have to pay for all that remodeling.

     When we called the Steakhouse to remind them SEAT was coming to lunch, we asked if they would put up a Reserved for SEAT sign.  Last month another group was mistakenly given our back room table and several SEAT members suggested a Reserved for SEAT sign in the future.  Well it wasnít the biggest or most flamboyant sign, but it was a sign. 

     Nice turn out of bikes and it was good to see some SEAT members who havenít been to a lunch in a while.  Itís always good to see new faces at the SEAT lunches, too.  New members donít forget to get a picture taken with you and your bike.  Craig loves to highlight new members and their bikes on the web site.

     A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Len Robbins, 39 and counting.  And make that a Super SEAT Happy Anniversary to Butch & Laura Porter, 52 years and still hanging out together.  I wonder how many miles that is - Iíll bet quite a few very memorable ones.

     Mark your calendars for Saturday November the 7th, itís The Deming Gathering weekend at Don and Mary Lou Cameronís in Deming, New Mexico, Novemberís Rally of the Month.  See more about The Gathering on page 8.  Lots of SEAT members make the Gathering.

     The November SEAT lunch will be at Gracieís Station just off I-10 at Exit 302.  Makes it easy for the SEAT members who ride out to The Gathering to make the lunch.  A full weekend of riding and lunching.

     The BMW MOA Mileage Contest ends October the 11th, the same day as the SEAT lunch gathering in Mammoth at the La Casita Restaurant.  Bring your ending mileage form.  My apologies to the SEAT members who went to Mammoth in September.  Iíll be more specific next time.  Hopefully we wonít have a scheduling mix up like that again for a while.

     Be sure to check out Mike Larsonís 4 Corners of Arizona ride.  Mike took some awesome pictures accompanied by a nice travel log.  One of the SEAT Ride Challenges is getting smaller, the Park Your Bike at the State Parks ride.  Budget cuts are forcing several State Parks to either close or cut back the number of days they are open.  Better get your State Park Pass and start riding to the Arizona State Parks now!

     Donít forget to cast your vote at the Cafť Survey on the SEAT web site:

     Ride safe and see you October in Mammoth at the La Casita Restaurant.

     Members present:  Scott & Karen Beavers, Jack Betz, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Rick & Mary Lambert, Mike Larson, Ed Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ralph & Linda Morley, Robert Ordway, Phillip Orth, James & Marie Palmietto, Alan Payne, Butch & Laura Porter, Arthur Post, Len Robbins, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Bob & Karen Thompson, Mark White, Karl Winton, and Dan & Pam Neal, and another member (?) (went to La Casita in Mammoth...Oops!).  New members Ruth Anne Alvarez & Paul Nye, Ron & Pam Vess.  Guests:  Bob Thompson, Chad Lambert.




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