Montgomery’s Grill & Saloon, Vail, AZ

 September 2007        

 The Montgomery Grill does several Bike Nights a month.  Seems there is quite a crowd on Tuesdays.  They were probably a bit surprised when SEAT began to role in and it was quiet!  We’re such Hell raisers!

     Seems the food was good and the company even better.  Quite a selection of beautiful bikes in the parking lot.  Even one of the new Victory Visions was available for folks to sit on and test out.  What a machine.  John, keeper of the faith at Iron Horse, you should bring out that hot rod of yours!

     Inside, the restaurant is very well decorated.  Unfortunately, there was no central room where everyone could sit together.  This made it a bit difficult on Diane, Allen and Deb to get everyone’s name. 

     Ed Burch wanted to tell everyone about a meeting coming up to petition to Save the Santa Rita Mountains, just couldn’t get everyone's’ attention.  You can see what Ed was trying to tell us by checking out this web site:

     Fall weather is upon us.  Really excellent riding weather.  Next month, October, the SEAT lunch will be in Sierra Vista at the Las Trankas Restaurant.  It has a big room.

     November is the Deming Gathering in Deming, NM.  Most excellent gathering, don’t miss it.  We’ll lunch in Benson at the Apple Farm Bakery and Restaurant. 

     And don’t forget to check out the Rides, Races & Rallies for up coming rallies and events.  In between lunches and Gatherings, get out there and take a SEAT riding Challenge!

     See you on the Road!

     Members present:  Larry & Nelvia Andrade, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Byron Crandall, Dave & Carole Delie, David Engle, Chris & Debbie Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Paul Godwin & Melanie Shumsky, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Ted Hartman, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Bill Leach, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Al Maurine, Mick Mckinnon, Allen & Diane Moore, George & Cathy Mortimer, Bob & Marianne Muller, Bob Ordway, Phillip Orth, Thomas Palmer, Alan Payne, Ron Pelton, Walter & Laura Porter, Bob Ramig, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Butch Smith, David Sorkow, Stan Thibaut, Barry West, John Willmann.  Guests:  Dale Deming, Ed & Gail Thompson.

     A great big THANKS to Allen & Diane Moore and Deb Blomstrom for taking roll and pictures, we really appreciate your help.



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