SEAT Lunch at The Longhorn Grill in Amado, Arizona

September 2006††††

The Longhorn Grill took pretty good care of us.† The food came out quickly and the service was friendly.† The size of the room really helps, we can all fit in comfortably.

†††† The past two SEAT gatherings have been blessed with excellent weather.† Heading over to Green Valley can be heading into some really hot weather this time of the year.† Not this time, excellent riding weather coming and going.

†††† Arivaca Road, west of Arivaca Junction, is really a super motorcycle road.† This time of year with the monsoon water rush there can be a foot or more of sand around some of the turns.† We heard that was the case this past Sunday gathering.† Not so bad that you couldnít get through, but something to always watch out for during the rainy season.

†††† The turn out was excellent.† We had some new members and some of the regulars.† It is always good to chat with everyone.† The varied collection of bikes in the parking lot reflects the varied collection of SEAT members (and guests) in the restaurant.† We are quite a group of folks!

†††† One of the values of having a local club is the ability to put folks of like minds and riding styles together.† That seems to be working with our monthly lunch gatherings, we get such a different group each month.

†††† The Grill blocked off the front of the restaurant under the horns so we could get a group shot.† The blue sky with big, white clouds behind the horns looked perfect.† With about 24 SEAT members out front we snapped off a great picture.† Hereís what I plan to do with this excellent piece of SEAT history.

†††† The BMW MOA Club Coordinator likes to get club information along with some pictures and history of the BMW MOA Chartered Clubs.† The reason you havenít seen the picture on the web or in the newsletter is the MOA ON had a policy of not publishing previously published stories or pictures.† I didn't want the picture to get out to the world until the MOA got first crack at it.† Hopefully our picture and story will be in the MOA ON in a month or two and you can enjoy the excellent shot of us out front under the longhorns.† Iím sure it will be worth the wait.

†††† We had 42 members and 2 guests at the Longhorn Grill SEAT lunch gathering:†

†††† Members present:† Gary Blomstrom & Deborah Josselyn, Louis & Kathy Coin, Dave & Carole Delie, Patrick 7 Danese Dykes, Bud & Gloria Fraze, Chris & Debbie Frey, Paul Godwin, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Ted Hartman, Chris & Colleen Lester, Harb Lill, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob & Marianne Muller, Robert Ordway, Jr., Walter & Laura Porter, Bob Ramig, Joe Russo, Jr., Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Tom Simpson, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Stan Thibaut, Mark Weger, John Willmann.† Guests:† Ernie & Alice Shull.


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