SEAT Lunch at the Steak Out Restaurant & Saloon,
Sonoita, AZ

Looks like it was good weather, good riding, and good friends at the Steak Out Restaurant.

     Sonoita has become quite an intersection in Southern Arizona.  Several wineries in the area that are worth a stop, for sure.

     Just down the road in Patagonia there was a charity rally going on that brought out bunches of bikes.  Great day to be out and about!

     Members Present:  Roger Austin, Ed Birch, Louis Coin, Dave & Carole Delie, Maynard Hershon, Tom Kniest, Bill Leach, Chris Lester, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob Ordway, Phillip Orth, Walter & Laura Porter, Bob Ramig, Bryan Seneviratne, John Willmann, Pascal Quintero.  Guests:  David Shrewsburg, T Hillston, Ric Quintero, John & Jennifer Cartwright.

     A special thanks to Ed Birch for taking pictures and marking down who came.  See you next month.