Prescott Overnighter & the Ambassador's Brunch

August 2014 

Off to Prescott and the Ambassador’s Brunch in Payson

Steve Cantrill has been a BMW MOA Ambassador for quite a few years now.  To say thanks to all who nominated and helped vote him in as an Ambassador, Steve began hosting a Sunday Brunch in late August.  As Steve said, “This is either the 8th or 9th brunch and every one of them has been great.”

For Wanda and me to ride up to Payson where Steve we’d have to leave before sunup  to make a brunch.  So why not have a SEAT gathering somewhere close to Payson and make an overnighter out of it.  Prescott is only a little over 100 miles from Payson, so a SEAT Overnighter to Prescott was the hot set up.

We left Sierra Vista about 7 am Friday morning in beautiful, cool weather.  Our plan would be to ride up I-10 to I-8 and stop in Gila Bend for lunch.  We would then do Old Highway 80 across the historic iron bridge at the Gillespie Dam; take Vulture Mine Road to Wickenburg; and then ride up Highway 89 to Kirkland Junction where we’d turn onto Iron Springs Road, through Skull Valley, and into Prescott. 

A second group of riders lead by Craig Littlefield would meet up on I-10 Friday and take pretty much the same route.  We never saw the group as we were about an hour to two hours behind them.  That worked out to our favor as the Road Closure signs that caused the group riders to veer around Old Highway 80 were removed when we got to the road that earlier had serious water flowing across it.  The old iron bridge and the Gillespie Dam were still there no problem.  The water level under the bridge was pretty high though.

After checking into the St Michael Hotel it didn’t take long for all of us to meet up and drop into one of the many bars on Whiskey Row for a cold beverage of choice.  From there it was to Billy’s for Pizza and another cold beverage of choice.  After dinner it was time for a stroll through the Park and some late night dancing for those so inclined.  Prescott has weathered the financial down time and the night scene on Whiskey Row is back in full swing.

Saturday it was a day of shopping for us.  With the downtown revitalized the number of shops back in business was a grand site for the shopping bug in us.  We must have walked 10 miles in the morning and another 5 miles in the afternoon.  Wanda got some new jeans and I got a new pair of gloves.  We had a great day!

The group riders formed up after breakfast for a ride through the country to Bagdad.  There are some really nice roads in and around the Prescott area that are ideal for the motorcyclist.  Everyone had a good ride and all were back in Prescott for lunch.  Note that the Arizona Bagdad is short the “h” found in the Iraqi Baghdad.

Dinner Saturday night was at the Prescott Brewery right across the street from the St Michael.  What a great gathering of SEAT members!  The food was excellent, the beer was tasty and the company was terrific.  There were door prizes galore thanks to SEAT and everyone took home at least one prize.  It was a hoot!

Again, for those so inclined, there was a huge party going on all over the square and in every tavern and bar on The Row.  Seems Craig and Gail are quite the dancers and put on a show.  For us two shoppers it was a quick stroll down The Row and back to our room for the night, we were pooped.  Great day and night of fun and games.

Sunday morning it was breakfast in the St Michael Café and then off to Payson for the Ambassador’s Brunch.  I believe we all took the same route over Mingus Mountain through Jerome, then Highway 260 to Highway 87 and to Steve’s house in Payson.  It was a cool morning ride though the National Forest.  Thank goodness all the roads have survived the heavy Monsoon rains.

Steve puts together a great brunch with lots of fruit and egg dishes, and plenty of coffee and orange juice.  Steve was the Newsletter Editor for the PITS (now the AZBeemers) for many years and a nice crowd of Phoenix AZBeemers were on hand to enjoy Steve’s Brunch.  It was good seeing a few familiar faces among the AZBeemers. 

About 11 am the AZBeemer folks began to suit up for the ride back home.  The SEAT group headed out about the same time with plans to ride by Roosevelt Lake to Tucson and home.  Wanda and I took the same route down to Globe but then we veered off to Safford for the night, it’s a bit too far for us to ride home after leaving Payson about 1 pm.  Monday morning our ride to Sierra Vista was just gorgeous, we rode on back roads all the way home.

Thanks to all the SEAT Members who made the SEAT Prescott Overnighter and The Ambassador’s Brunch:  (P = Prescott Overnighter, B = Cantrill Brunch in Payson):  Bodhi Anderson (B), Gail Ben-Jamin (P,B), Ross Carroll (P,B), Dave Danks (P,B), Dave Delie (P,B),Paul Hargis (P),  Mike Holmes (P), Craig Littlefield (P,B), Deryle & Wanda Mehrten (P,B), Susan O’Brien (P,B), Dick Prince (B), Tad Roberts (B), Len Robbins (P,B), Terry & Cheryl Smart (P), Dave Swain (P,B), Mike & Helen Tschirhart (P,B), John Willmann (P).

Another great SEAT Overnighter is in the books!

See you on the road,

Deryle and Wanda Mehrten
Sierra Vista, AZ USA

Photos by Deryle and by Dave Danks...

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