SEAT ride to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

December 1st & 2nd, 2016 

Photos by Al Maurine

Few people showed up for this ride. It was cold that morning. Al Maurine, Skip Blecker and Craig Littlefield showed up for breakfast at the Three Points restaurant. Craig and Skip were on bikes. Craig had to be home at noon so he turned around at Sills. Al was in his Explorer so he and Skip went on to the park. Skip did not camp out so that left Al all alone. He took some good photos however and as SEAT is going there in March take a look. It is a beautiful and interesting place.

Al's account

Skip and I did the East run Thursday.  I did the Puerto Blanca rd Friday.  OK road but if your going to use your cycle you better know how to ride dirt and sand in a couple areas.  I’m not a good dirt rider so I would have been ‘puckering’ my seat in a few areas.  
I found these towers along the road and at first thought they were for the illegals .. but these are for Park travelers who get stranded on the Blanca .. water provided in emergency barrels along the way too .. also think for Park travelers and not illegals as I was only a couple of miles from the boarder.

One place where you parallel MX hwy 2 I could have parked the Ford .. ducked under the fence and walked 100’ to a cafe .. tempting .. LOL


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