October 2011     

Written by Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

Hard to believe how quickly it goes from the hot summer months to being into fall and half way to winter. The electrics had to come out, just in case, doncha know.

The crisp morning just made the ride over to Vail that much better. Seems our engines like the cool weather and can get real zippy if you don’t watch your right wrist. Seems that has been a problem for Wanda and I this past year. Cruise control does help. Montgomery’s is a good place. Lots of room inside and plenty of room outside that the owners have improved nicely. The service was good and the food was very tasty. All in all they did a good job taking care of us.

A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Patrick Dykes, a young 74. Nice to see Patrick back riding after his eye operation. A SEAT Happy Anniversary to the Roy and Phyllis Fox, celebrating their 24th year together. How time flies when you’re having the time of your life!


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