Mac's Pub & Patio in Green Valley

October 2013

Written by Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

The ride over to Green Valley for the lunch on Sunday the 13th of October was beautiful.  Fall has fell and the trees along the mountain ridges are turning colors.  It was even a bit chilly considering how warm it was only a few days ago.  Winter is coming to the desert, time to go for a ride!

Macís Pub and Patio is a nice place.  The staff was friendly and took good care of us.  Wanda won a drink ticket from them the last time we were there and they honored it for two.  Nice of them.  Their fish and chips are really good and we got a nice big portion for a Sunday lunch.  They also have quite a few brews on tap.  Good lunch.

Nice to see a couple of the new K1600s in the parking lot.  Dick and Louise rode their six over from Silver City, NM.  So far no new water cooled R bike though.  That may change once the new RT comes out.  It was an interesting collection of bikes and SEAT members for sure - some long-time members we havenít seen for a while and some new faces as well.  Members and guests:  Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bob & Marianne Muller, Jeff Dean, Al Maurine, Rick Melton, Don Silvernail, Bill Bachmann, Don Schweiger, Roger Austin, Alan Speert, Jon & Rachelle Nicolussi, Nick Clement & Terry Golden, John Wilson, Dick & Louise Sackett, Rich & Claudia Riley, Richard Pettigrew and Menachem Lorber.

The afternoon weather was turning windy when folks began to leave.  The ride down I-19 to River Road was blustery with a nasty head wind.  Once down to back road speeds, it wasnít so bad.  Another excellent ride home.

Thanks to all the SEAT members and guests for coming to the lunch.  Itís you guys who make it so much fun.  Ride safe and see you next month!


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