Longhorn Grill Amado, AZ

 September 2011 

          This SEAT lunch was the first lunch in three months.  It seemed a bit funny to be leaving so late in the morning; those breakfast SEAT gatherings had us up and out of the house way early in the morning.  Nothing wrong with early in the morning during the summer months, riding in the cool of the morning is definitely good riding.

     Road work on Highway 83 was completed.  The new section is really nice; too bad it wasnít repaved all the way past the Roadside Table.  Taking Sahaurita Road over to I-19 it was obvious some serious water came down the road and through the washes.  Folks riding over to Arivaca after lunch were aware there could be serious sand on the road.

     The Longhorn Grill is a good place.  They cover their tables with cloth and use cloth napkins, a nice touch.  Service seems a little slow, then suddenly everything starts coming out of the kitchen at once.  The ladies and guys taking care of us did a good job.   Good food and good service, good place.

     This lunch a ďBMW MOA First 35 YearsĒ book was raffled off.  The MOA is reaching 40 years now.  Itís good to see the beginnings and how one of the largest BMW Motorcycle associations in the world has grown over the years.  Gail Ben-Jamin was the lucky raffle winner.  Good on her for coming to the lunch.  Another MOA book will be given away at Montgomeryís next month.

     Although there is rarely any ďbusinessĒ at a SEAT lunch, I though it appropriate to remind everyone that this was the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities.  What a world we live in.  Good thing we have our Beemers to going riding about on!

     A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Len Robbins.  Len bought himself a nice, new K1300S a few weeks ago.  Thatís a pretty nice birthday present to give yourself Len.  Way to go!

     For those who wanted to see what the new SEAT web site looks like, Allen Moore did a bit of training after lunch.  He showed us how to log on and post pictures to the site.  This is one slick web site.  Check it out at www.SEATRider.net.  If you havenít received you password yet, you will soon.  Lots of neat things coming to the new site.

      The featured October ride is to Alpine, AZ, October Fest in Alpine.  Dinner Saturday night the 15 of October at 5 pm. The fire and the floods have taken their toll on the folks in the Alpine and Springerville area, letís come visit and help make them feel better.  The Sportsmanís Lodge will be the central lodging. 

     November itís the Deming Veterans Gathering on the 12 of November at Don Cameronís in Deming, NM.  This is the final Gathering.  Don, like Wanda and I, is retiring.  Donít miss this one, itís going to be big.

          Members present:  Noel Addy, Gail Ben-Jamin, Gary & Deb Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Mike & Dawn Garden, Tony & Tami Ivy, Rick & Mary Lambert, Robert & Jamie Laposta, Craig Littlefield, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Dan Neal, Richard Pettigrew, Len Robbins, Bill Schink, John Willmann.

     Come on out to the next SEAT gathering, they are the best!   Ride safeÖ



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