La Casto, Mammoth, AZ

 October 2009 

†††† Riding up to Mammoth on a Sunday through Oro Valley and Catalina can get a bit crowded.† The number of traffic lights and traffic congestion along Highway 77 has grown every year.† We need another short cut, long cut or way around to help us out!

†††† Never fails that there are several Highway Patrol Vehicles and local LEOs along the way, too.† Running 10 over the limit isnít as safe, traffic or ticket wise, as it use to be.

†††† Its worth it though as the La Casita in Mammoth is one of the best Mexican restaurants SEAT lunches at.† The back room is big enough to hold more than 50 folks, and the owners always put an extra waitress or two on so we will get good service.† They did good.

†††† With the weather cooling off we had an excellent turn out.† SEAT members from all over Arizona rode over to Mammoth to join in the lunch.† The parking lot filled up nicely.† Just walking around and checking out the bikes is worth the ride.

†††† SEAT member Don Cameron visited from New Mexico and reminded us that The Deming Gathering is in November.† This is one of the best one day, ride-in rallies going.† Check out all the details later in the Newsletter.† You donít want to miss this one.

†††† A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Patrick Dykes.† Patrick claims to be 24...right! Also SEAT member Donna Leonard celebrated her birthday in October.† Donna turned 37 and is looking good!

†††† Hereís to the Helmers, Eldon and Karen, on their 42nd Anniversary.† Thatís a lot of years together.† Keep on riding guys!

†††† The weather changes so fast in the desert southwest that by the time you read this the night time temps will be in the 30s in some areas and even lower in others.† Time to get out the winter riding gear.† Electrics are your friend this time of year.

†††† Donít forget the SEAT Christmas Party in December.† This will be the 13th SEAT Christmas Party and falls on the 13th of December.† Thirteen seems to be a lucky number this year.† Again, check out all the details later in the Newsletter.†

†††† The BMW Mileage Contest ended on the 11th of October.† Completed ending mileage forms need to be mailed out by the 16th of November.† Be sure to bring your form to the lunch to get a SEAT member or two to sign off on the form.† Letís see how many miles Arizona Beemer riders rack up this year.

†††† As always, be sure to check out the SEAT web site for more pictures, stories and up coming events.† Craig Littlefield does a most excellent job keeping the site looking good.†

†††† Looking forward to seeing a bunch of SEAT members at The Deming Gathering on Saturday the 7th of November and the SEAT lunch on the 8th of November at Gracieís Station.

†††† Members present:† Ruth Anne Alvarez & Paul Nye, Roger Austin, Deborah & Gary Blomstrom, Kathy & Kevin Carpenter, Dave Delie, Danese & Patrick Dykes, Dawn & Mike Garden, Andy Gilmour, Karen & Eldon Helmer, Jack Herbst, Marnie & Robert Leichtenberg, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Wanda & Deryle Mehrten, Bob Ordway, Alan Payne, Michael Proctor, Donna Leonard & Ron Ridge, Roger Salzgeber, Don Schweiger, Tom Simpson, Cheryl & Terry Smart, Butch Smith, David Sorkow, Patti & Stan Thibaut, Paul Winick.† Guests:† Ray & Randy Hammerich, Erika Rapp, Mike Davidson, Steve Galper, Lee & Sarah Caplan, Jim Lombard. 

†††† Ride safeÖ††††



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