Marana Stockyards, Marana, AZ

 October 2008 

     When Jami, the manager of the Marana Stockyards Café, said the Café was in the stockyards, I was a bit worried that the aroma from the residents of the stockyards might not go well with lunch.  It was good that an auction wasn’t happening on our weekend.  Could have been smelly.

     Actually, the Café was really quite good.  They took care of us quickly and had good old fashion café faire.  Their beef was especially good, as it should be located where they are.  Anyone check out the auction rooms in the back?

     As usual, you SEAT members really come early.  Getting there before the restaurant/café is open has become a tradition.  The report that at least one member got lost and didn’t make it has become a tradition as well it seems.  Better luck next month Thomas.

      Getting to the café though was a bit more difficult than usual.  On a couple of the cross roads there were no street signs.  The SEAT map was accurate, unfortunately the street names weren’t at the corners for all to see.  Got to be part adventurer to be a SEAT member!

     Due to a technical difficulty (loss of volatile memory) there is no SEAT member birthday to report this month.  So to all who were born in October - Happy Birthday and many more!  New and improved memory chips are on backorder.

     This is the second time SEAT has been to the Marana area.  Our lunch at the Marana/Avra Valley Airport is legendary...groups were banned after we completely swamped them.  Sandario Road with a jog over to Sanders Road made for an interesting off-the-freeway ride.  Sunday morning rides without all the traffic of a work day can be so good, especially this time of year.

     Next month is The Deming Gathering.  BBQ with all the fixins at Don Cameron’s.  Sierra Cycles in Sierra Vista, a recent SEAT sponsor, is having their open house November the 15th.  A couple of great excuses to go for a if we needed one!

     November’s SEAT get together will be in Benson at the Turquoise Golf Course.  This makes it easy for The Gathering goers to stop on the way home and not miss the SEAT lunch.  Clever, eh?

     Thanks to all who came to the Marana Stockyards Café, and thanks to Craig Littlefield for recommending them.  We’ll do it again.

     Remember to cast your café survey vote at  Also, know an eccentric restaurant to eat at that could do a SEAT lunch?  Let us know.

     Members present:  Larry Andrade, Roger Austin, Tab Baker, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Loy Brydon, Michael Burke, Dave Delie, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Ron & Mary Gary, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Gregory Johnson, Rick & Mary Lambert, Craig Littlefield, Mick McKinnon, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Daniel Neal, Richard & Cheryl Osburn, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Tony Sanell, Ronald Santos, Ron Shaffer, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Pat Walsh, Tom Zirbel.  Guests:  Paul Dutton,  Larry Andrade (son).   


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