Steak Out Restaurant, Sonoita, AZ

November 2014 

Photos from Deryle and Jeff Dean

What a great Indian Summer we are having in Arizona.  It makes for some of the best riding days of the year when it’s just cool enough to need a long sleeved SEAT shirt under your jacket.  The BMW MOA Annual Mileage Contest is just ending and we here in Arizona are just getting into some of the best riding of the year.  Maybe the MOA should have two mileage contests – the current summer version and a winter version for us desert dwellers.  Who knows, might happen.

It’s been a few years since SEAT lunched at the Steak Out Restaurant and Saloon in Sonoita.  I believe it has burned down and been rebuilt since then.  This time around they took very good care of us, sitting us in the main room right next to the bar.  Service was very good and the food came out pretty quickly.  Let’s face it, it does take time to get 30 some orders and then get the kitchen fired up.  It was an excellent Sunday gathering.

What really makes SEAT lunches so good is the collection of motorcycles in the parking lot and the SEAT members and guests who came to join in the tale-telling and tire-kicking.  A total of 30 SEAT members and 4 guests came out to enjoy the great fall weather and the ride to the November SEAT lunch. 

SEAT Members and Guests Present:  Bodhi Anderson, Bill Bachmann, Mark Booth, Ron Browne, Dave Danks, Jeff Dean, Dave Delie, James Green, Jack Herbst, Mike Holmes, Deborah Josselyn, Mike LoGalbo, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Michael Mueller, Bob & Marianne Muller, Jon & Rachelle Nicolussi, Susan O’Brien, Len Robbins, Frank Ruffin, Don Schweiger, David & Patti Sorkow, Roger & Susan Voelker, John Wilson.  Guests:  John & Evelyn Mitchell, Steve Brozovich, Ed Birch.

A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Susan Voelker and Al Maurine.  Amazing…both were celebrating their 39th birthday this month!  Here’s to many more birthdays and two-wheel miles!

This December will be the 17th Annual SEAT Christmas Party.  This year the SEAT Christmas Party will be in Tucson on the 13th of December.  There’s sure to be some great door prizes and great food for everyone.  Check the SEAT Events tab for all the details.

Plans for a Death Valley ride in January are being set up.  January is one of the best months to ride through Death Valley.  Depending on your preference this is a three to four day ride so plan early to join in.  See the SEAT Events tab for all the details.

November’s SEAT lunch at the Steak Out is the last SEAT lunch Wanda and I will be organizing.  Once again we are retiring from organizing the monthly SEAT gatherings.  The SEAT Advisory Board takes over in December.  Thanks to all the SEAT members and guests who have come to the various SEAT gatherings and overnighters we have organized these past 17 years.  It’s been a hoot! 

See you on the road!

Deryle & Wanda Mehrten


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