Apple Farm Bakery Restaurant, Benson, AZ

 November 2010  

 Finding a restaurant on the east side of Tucson      Because many SEAT members go to the Deming Veterans Gathering on the same weekend as the monthly SEAT lunch, for the last several years we’ve found a restaurant or café on the east side of town that is a good stop for lunch on their way home. Finding a location on the east side of Tucson for this year’s November SEAT lunch took three tries due to some interesting circumstances.

     In 2009 the November SEAT lunch was at Gracie’s Station at the I-10 freeway exit for Hwy 90.  We had a record attendance.  It was a no brainer to do Gracie’s Station again in 2010 and we did have the arrangements made.  Unfortunately, Gracie’s wasn’t making a profit and on the 10th of October they closed the doors.  The lady who called us to let us know was in tears as she apologized to SEAT for cancelling the lunch.

      With some help from SEAT member Joe Beam we made arrangements to lunch at the Triangle T Ranch in Dragoon.  Emails were sent and the arrangements, we thought, were made.  As usual about two weeks before the lunch we contacted the Triangle T to make sure all was well and to find out what the menu would be.  The lady who answered the phone told us we could not lunch there that weekend as they had made International arrangements.  Ok, we wouldn’t.

     A year or three back we lunched at the Apple Farm Bakery in Benson, the service wasn’t very good and neither was the food.  Since then several SEAT members have lunched there and reported the service was better and so was the food.  We contacted the Bakery and set up the SEAT lunch at the 11th hour, knowing there would be some members who would remember the last experience and would pass.  Sorry about that.

     Turns out the reports were true though, the service was right on time and the food was way better.  It was a pleasant surprise and worked out well for folks returning from the Deming Gathering.  Good to see all the other folks who decided to try the Bakery again.

We’ll visit them again.

     Winter is now upon us and so is the SEAT Christmas Party!  We have a stellar collection of door prizes and prizes to award all those SEAT members who have written articles and sent in pictures.  We’ve ordered enough chicken to feed an army.  With all the various dishes SEAT members bring no one goes away hungry.  Read more in the Up Coming SEAT Rides, don’t miss it.

     Winter is also the time to take a ride across the desert.  The weather can be very fickle this time of year but when it’s nice, it’s really, really nice.  Check out the SEAT Dam Bypass Ride and read about the plans for more overnight rides.

     SEAT Members present:  Bill Bachmann, Richard Bartasek, Joe & Janice Beam, Steve Beatty, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Stan Dietzman, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Carl Mueller, Michael Mueller, Dan & Pam Neal, Hitch Paprocki, Butch & Laura Porter, Bill Schink, Lloyd & Holly Schmidt, Don Schweiger, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Pat Walsh, John Willmann, John Wilson, Sigi Jourdan, Drew Ware & Debbee Watkins.  Guests:  Craig Houk, Barry, Cassie and Dave Levitt.

     Thanks to all the folks who made it to the November lunch, good seeing all of you.  Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.    



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