Gracie's Station, Benson, AZ

 November 2009 

         The day was about perfect for riding and it showed.  What a crowd!  Most all of the SEAT members who rode over to Deming, NM for The Gathering stopped and lunched at Gracie’s Station on the way home.  Add to them a bunch of folks who couldn’t make the Gathering but wouldn’t miss a SEAT lunch and you have a great crowd of SEAT members kicking tires and telling tales.

     The manager at Gracie’s Station was very enthusiastic about SEAT doing a Sunday lunch at her restaurant when we contacted her several months back.    Never knowing how many folks would stop, we told her between 30 and 50.  We were both pleasantly pleased when 61 members and 4 guests dropped in for a Sunday lunch!

     The service was excellent and so was the food.  Our waitress checked with us constantly to make sure all was well.  The food came in big portions and the prices were very reasonable.  They did an outstanding job.   We’ll lunch there again, maybe do a breakfast.  Good place.  Be sure to cast you vote at the Café Survey on

     A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Rich Long who claims to be 64; Barry West a mere 815 months young; and Terry Smart a rookie at 63.  Here’s to many more miles and lots more birthdays!

     By the time you read this, Thanksgiving will have come and gone.  The Holiday Season is just beginning - so many places to ride to and so many goodies to lust after.  The folks at Sierra Cycles had their Open House on the 28th of November, and our long time sponsors at Cochise Motorsports are doing their Open House on the 19th of December.  Hope we see you there!

     Winter in many states means putting your motorcycle(s) away until Spring or later.  Here in the Desert Southwest it means you can cross the desert and not suffer the heat too badly.  Time to plan a January ride.  Our illustrious web master, Craig Littlefield, is in the process of doing just that.  After so many years riding out to Death Valley, Craig has suggested Big Bend, Texas as the place to ride to this winter.  Plan on it being the weekend of the 23 of January.  More to come.

     Don’t miss the SEAT Christmas Party on the 13 of December.  This will be the 13th Annual Pot Luck feast SEAT has sponsored.  Our record attendance is just over 100.  If the weather cooperates, we could beat that easily.  See Up Coming SEAT Rides for the address and a map.  Wanda and I are looking forward to seeing you!

     Ride safe...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

     Members present:  Becky Aikens, Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Richard Bartasek, Steve Beatty, Jack Betz, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Dave Delie, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Dave & Jere Fredenburgh, Wayne & Elaine Gerdes, Bill Kinney, Mike Larson, Clif Lines & Kate Albers, Craig Littlefield, Rich & Jackie Long, Menachem Lorber, David Lyle, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob Ordway, Steve Paladini, Hitch & Judi Paprocki, Ron & Kari Pelton, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Jim Strang, Tony Strungis, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Chuck Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry West, John Willmann, John Wilson, Sam Zaitlin, Tim Zierman Tom Zirbel.  Guests:  Peggy & Joe Rossmiller, Scott Nolen, Fred Shepard.



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