Turquoise Hills Golf Course, Benson, AZ

November 2008  

 The ride home from the Deming Gathering was also the ride to the SEAT lunch...not bad, eh?† Unfortunately the weather got a bit nasty, sending some folks straight home and some folks took the loooong way home.

†††† Coming into Arizona from the East at the border it was like a switch that turned off the warm temperatures and calm winds, and turned on cold and windy.† Seems our heat wave had a minor blip, sending the temps down and bringing the winds up.

†††† The Turquoise Hills was a bit stretched.† Seems there was a tournament going on and fifty other folks were eating just around the corner.† A motorcycle club competing with golfers at a golf course might not be the best situation for the motorcyclists.

†††† Even so, our food was very good.† Their Mexican dishes were very tasty and they didnít skimp on the portions.† Their burgers looked really good, too.

†††† Just down the road from the Turquoise Hills Golf Course there was a Winter Bazaar at the St. David Monastery.† Maybe next year we can make that a stop on the way.† Interesting gardens and ponds cover the grounds.

†††† It was good to see several members who havenít made a lunch in quite a while.† Nothing like a SEAT lunch to break up work stress.† Hanging out with some† liked minded motorcyclists is good for the soul.††† But hey, donít wait so long next time!

†††† Next month is the SEAT Christmas Party hosted by the Mehrtensí in Sierra Vista.† This is the SEAT gathering of the year.† We will have door prizes, a 50/50 drawing and possibly a raffle or two.

†††† December is also the month of Cochise Motorsportsí annual Open House.† Cliff Allison and his gang do an outstanding open house.† Plan on making this one.

†††† Just about every month there is a ride, race or rally going on.† Death Valley Daze XIV will be the 23-24th of January.† The traditional Thursday night stop in Laughlin is also in the plan.†

†††† Be sure to go to www.SEATRider.org and check out lots more pictures, stories and links.† Craig does a most excellent job.† If your interested in signing up to the e-View, a pdf file of the SEAT newsletter sent via email, be sure to let us know.

†††† Thanks for all those who made the SEAT November lunch.† Donít forget the Annual SEAT Christmas party at the Mehrtensí December the 14th.† Donít miss this one!†† Ride safe.

†††† Members present:† Bill Bachmann, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Brian & Debra Crafts, Pete & Jeannie Cunningham, Dave Delie, Doris Faircloth, Ron & Mary Gary, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Dean Hamilton, Art Jacobson, Craig Littlefield, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ralph & Linda Morley, Steve Mossholder, Daniel Neal, Bob Norem, Thomas Palmer, Michael Proctor, Bill Schink, Bryan Seneviratne, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Tony Strungis, Stan & Patti Thibaut, John Wilson.† Guests:† Paul King, Matt Foscue,†† Bert Wilkins.††††


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