Apple Farm Bakery and Restaurant, Benson, AZ

 November 2007

      Southern Arizona has been having some of the nicest Fall ever.  Cool mornings with afternoons just made for motorcyclists.

      It wasn’t a surprise when we saw the back parking lot of the Apple Farm Bakery and Restaurant in Benson full of motorcycles.  Such a day!

     The Deming Veterans Gathering was Saturday, the day before.  As we have done in the past, lunch was between Tucson and Deming, making it easy for members to come to the lunch from both directions.  And come they did, 53 SEAT members strong.  Nice turn out.

     The restaurant has gone through another owner.  The current owners seemed pleased that we chose their restaurant for our lunch.  We had enough room with the center table set up for us, and I must say the waitress that served us was friendly and helpful.  Be sure to visit the Café Survey on the SEAT web site.

     The parking lot had one of everything, well maybe not everything, but close.  The new bikes are all so sleek and powerful looking.  Some day we’ll have to have a “Best of Lunch” contest and buy lunch for the winner.

     The St. David Monastery was having it’s annual bazaar.  They do some of the best breads around and if you are looking for tree ornaments mark you calendar for next year, they have some of the best for sale at their bazaar.

     Next month it’s the Christmas Party at the Mehrtens’.  Last year over 100 SEAT members and their guests joined in to make it the best yet.  This year should be no exception.  Come on down!

     As usual, there are lots more pictures on the SEAT web site.  Craig does such a good job keeping the site fresh and new.  Check it out frequently:

     Ride safe!

     Members present:  William Bachmann, Jack Betz, Deborah & Gary Blomstrom, Brian Crafts, Byron Crandall, Jeff Dean, Mike & Dawn Garden, Nancy & Joe Giordano, Paul Godwin & Melanie Shumsky, Dean Hamilton, Frank Hay, Karen & Eldon Helmer, Colleen & Chris Lester, Clif Lines & Kate Albers, Craig Littlefield, Tish & Ed Mealy, Wanda & Deryle Mehrten, Linda & Ralph Morley, Cathy Mortimer, Steve Mossholder, Dan Neal, Bob Ordway, David Owens, Thomas Palmer, Ron Pelton, Walter & Laura Porter, Michael Proctor, Bill Schink, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Jim Strang, Stan Thibaut, La Rae & Chuck Thompson, John Wilson, Tom Zirbel, and new member James Neisz.  Guests:  Jim Aemisegger, Tab Baker.



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