Northern Arizona 2017

May 28-21, 2017

We had four on our ride to No. AZ.  

A beautiful ride up with great weather on Thursday followed by overnight snow and a cold start on Friday. Ross Carroll, Jim Meister and Gail Benjamin joined me as we explored the Navajo Nation with stops at the Navajo National Monument, Kayenta and Cameron Trading Post.  

Saturday gave us a warmer start as we headed for the Hopi Nation and a cultural center on Second Mesa. Jim and Gail attended a Kachina rain dance in Moenkopi while Ross and I headed over to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We all met for a final dinner in old Flagstaff and headed home in the morning.

My advice from lessons on the road is to allow twice the time you think you will need to explore the Navajo Nation. 

Susan O'Brien


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