Phoenix Progressive Motorcycle Show

February 2016 

These photos are from Susan O'Brien, Mike Shaffer and Dave Danks

Comments from Dave Danks

Met Skip & 2 others at Picacho. We took I- 19 & 101 to Bethany Home & stadium. I had never seen a new NFL stadium. WOW !! Bikes in the parking lot probably 3 times the number at the Billings rally. Ran into Roger Austin,Wayne,Jack/Jean Scott. BMW well represented with nice booth & lots of bikes. Nice that there was a place to check your gear which BMW rally did not have & it was well run. I enjoyed the show but not nearly the vender representation as the BMW/MOA rally. May be because BMW owners spend $$$$. We visited GO AZ dealership. Not not as large as I had anticipated. Cochise Motor Sports is a much nicer facility. Took I-17 and I-10 home

Comments from Ssan O'Brien

I had a great time at the motorcycle show.  I was surprised that Honda didn't think it was worth their while to put up a display and I was very disappointed.  GOAZ was there with a few Hondas but didn't have the Africa Twin yet.

They had a display called "21 Helmets" with 21 different artists competing for best paint job.  I really loved talking to a couple of the artists.  There were several companies demonstrating helmets and I ended up buying a new HJC IS 33.  Should arrive today (and it matches my bike!).

Also enjoyed the custom bikes and the artistry they demonstrated.  Fell in love over and over again!  Victory, Harley and Indian all had beautiful bikes and displays. 

The BMW display was very BMWish.  Didn't spend much time there since you all buy new bikes all the time and I get to see them in action!

The stunt riders were fun to watch.  And the people watching was also quite fun.  Met a man with a therapy schnauzer who was enjoying all the attention.  Spent much more time at the show this year than last.  The arena was much nicer!


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