Mother's Day Lunch at Melio's Trattoria in Tubac

 May 2014 

Tis the season of the wind.  Seems every day this May itís been either breezy - winds in the 15 to 20s; or just down right windy.  Weíve had some days itís been way over 20.  Too bad Motherís Day was one of those days with winds in the annoying range.  For us the tail wind home was kewl ;)

Melioís does some good Italian, Iím not sure Melindaís Husband speaks that much English heís so Italian.  Melinda and the other ladies took very good care of us.  There are several other restaurants in or near Tubac where SEAT will do a lunch or breakfast in the next month or two.   

There were 17 SEAT Members and everyone got to take home a nice rose and box of Candy.  Happy Motherís Day!   Nick Clement & Terry Golden, Dave Danks, Stu Evans, Beverly Ford, Deborah Josselyn, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Jon & Rachelle Nicolussi, Roger & Susan Voelker, Mike & Krisanne, John & JoAnn Wilson.  Guest:  Mike Hoeck. 

The next few months weíll begin seeing the temps climb right up there.  Time to do SEAT Breakfasts when riding is in cooler temperatures.  July itís Happy 4th of July at the Vail Steakhouse on the 13th of July at 8:30 am.  August we are looking at The Stables Ranch Grille at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa at 8:30 am.   

The SEAT June Overnighter will be the 6-8th of June in Springerville at the Rode Inn.  Dinner will be at Booga Reds Saturday the 7th of June at 5:30 pm.  Check the SEAT web site for all the details:  Make your reservations now! 

September will be Tadís BBQ at his home in Casa Grande.  Tad does an excellent BBQ and welcomes all SEAT members to come by and enjoy the afternoon at his home.  And donít forget the SEAT October Fest Overnighter in Alpine the third weekend in October Ė 17 to 19 October.  Check the web site for all the details:

Thanks to everyone who came to Melioís!  See you at the June SEAT Overnighter in Springerville! ††††



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