Longhorn Grill, Amado, AZ

 May 2010  

     Just so happens that the SEAT May lunch fell on Mother’s Day, nice, eh?  Most SEAT lunches have more guys than gals so its really great to see the ladies come out and join in the SEAT gathering.  Each and every lady in the Longhorn Grill got a long stemmed red rose to help celebrate Mother’s Day with SEAT.  Happy Mother’s day to all the SEAT ladies!

     The morning ride to the Longhorn Grill was in cool and calm weather, just right for a motorcycle ride.  As the day aged though the wind began to pick up.  By mid afternoon gusts of 40 mph and over made the ride home a bit less fun.  The “Flap-factor” was right up there!

     The folks at the Longhorn Grill were looking forward to seeing SEAT again, and as usual they took very good care of us.  Their food has always been good and for Mother’s Day they had a very good special.  The “Welcome BMW Club” sign was a nice touch.  Be sure to let us know via the SEATRider.org Café Survey what you though of them.

     What a month for birthdays!  Husband and wife Bob & Marnie Leichtenberg both celebrate May birthdays.  Who’s the youngest?  Dawn Garden, who we missed last month, continues to celebrate her 39th birthday, good on her!  And Alan Moore and Hitch Paprocki are into their 40s and 50s, just youngsters!  A big SEAT Happy Birthday to all!

     Out in the parking lot tire kicking and tale telling got into full swing with some great bikes as backdrops.  The new BMW R bikes are showing up more and more; and the number of K12s/K13s making SEAT lunches is on the rise.  There’s always some neat machines of all brands to ogle in the parking lot at  SEAT lunches .   

     So far we have seen only one S1000RR at the monthly SEAT gatherings.  There’s sure to be more as this new BMW has really caught the eye of the sport bike riders, and most, if not all, of the motorcycle magazines here in the US and in Europe have given it rave reviews.  Check out Iron Horse Motorcycles’ to follow the Iron Horse/ESP sponsored S1000RR race bike with rider Chris Peris.  Impressive!

     By the time you read this the Roadrunner Rally hosted by the AZ Beemers will be in the history books.  Its time to start planning in earnest your ride to the BMW MOA National in Redmond, OR in July.   Crossing the desert in July takes a bit of planning and a whole lot of water!  The SEAT group photo will be an hour before the final ceremonies in front of the building where the final ceremonies will take place.  You can see the site map of the grounds at the BMW MOA web site.  More next month.

     Over the Memorial Day weekend, 29-31 May, the World Superbike Championship will be at the Miller Motorsports Park just west of Salt Lake City, UT.  BMW got its first podium position at Monza with Troy Corser finishing third.  South Africa is the next round.  Nice to have BMW back in the racing scene.

     June is the SEAT Overnighter at Reed’s Motor Lodge in Springerville the 11th and 12 of June.  Several members have questioned why back to Springerville, was there a problem with Show Low?  The answer has to do with the Auto Show in Show Low in early June.  Some years the SEAT Overnighter falls on the same weekend and there are no rooms to be had that weekend in Show Low, they are booked well in advance.  Where would you like to do the SEAT Overnighter in 2011? 

     Members present:  Doug Arnold, Gary & Susan Bataller, Scott Beavers, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Nick Clement, Thomas & Janet Fabian, Mike & Dawn Garden, Nancy & Joe Giordano, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Robert & Marnie Leichtenberg, Menachem Lorber, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Dan & Pam Neal, Hitch Paprocki, Arthur Post, Jeff Prileson, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Alan Speert, Tony Strungis.  Guests:  Gene Altobelli, Stan Dietzman, Chase Schumsky.

     Summer is upon us with temps getting into the 90s and beyond.  Be sure to drink lots of water, you’ll feel better at the end of the day.

     See you in Springerville.  Ride safe!




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