The Longhorn Grill, Arivaca Junction, Amado, AZ

 May 2009

†††† Man, what is happening with May? SEAT breakfasts donít start until July because of the heat; this year maybe we should have started in May.† The highest temp the dash on the new GT showed was 98 degrees Fahrenheit...thatís getting hot!

†††† Happy Motherís Day to all the moms out there.† Motherís Day is a tough one for those of us who no longer have a Mom we can call up and wish good things for.† Take care of your Mom!

†††† With the heat and the special day for Moms, the crowd was a bit smaller than usual at The Longhorn Grill.† The folks at the Grill were happy to see us and we did get good service once they were open.† SEAT always gets there early, just the kind of riders we are I guess.

†††† The food was good, as usual, and reasonably priced.† We had two tables set up for us and it made it easy to kick tires and tell tales inside with the air conditioner running full blast.

††† The parking lot was hot.† Not too many folks spent any time outside.† After sitting in the sun for an hour or so, the seats on the bikes were a surprise when you first sat down.† Made the first mile or two interesting trying to find a cool spot.

†††† No birthdays or anniversaries to report...I forgot to ask.† I made up some notes and promptly forgot them.† Next time...

††† Next month its up to the Mogollon Rim for the SEAT Annual Overnighter.† The Overnighter was started by the late Rob Lentini.† Every year that we continue the tradition, I remember Rob and what a special guy he was.

†††† SEAT will have several door prizes at the dinner Saturday night, along with the usual 50/50.† With a bit of luck there should be a nice item to raffle off as well.† See more information on the Up Coming Rides page.

†††† The Roadrunner Rally will be over by the time you read this.† Hopefully the weather wonít be too brutal and weíll have a good turn out. †You can read more about the rally, and its new location next year, farther on in this issue.†

†††† Next month is the 10th Annual Red Rock Rally put on by the Beehive Beemers of Utah in Panguitch, Utah.† The riding in and around the rally site is some of the best in the west.† National parks are everywhere and all are worth a visit.† Check the Rides, Races & Rallies page for Beehive Beemersí contacts and web site.† Thanks to Bob Muller for keeping us up to date.

†††† Members present:† Bill Bachmann, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bob Ordway, Bill Schink, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Mark Weger, John Wilson, and new member Hitch Paprocki.† Guests:† Jose Serrano, Jennifer Morris.




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