Mount Athos Cafe & Restaurant, Florence, Arizona

 May 2007

†††† Great Mothersí Day turn out!† We had 31 SEAT members with 4 guests make the ride north of Tucson to Florence.† The Mount Athos Cafť and Restaurant is a very Greek restaurant and serves excellent food.† Nice atmosphere as well.

†††† Boy, has summer got here early or what?† The temp through Tucson Sunday had to be over 100 degrees, it was hot!† Getting into the Santa Ritas heading south and home into Cochise County was a welcome relief.† How do those folks in Phoenix survive?

†††† Nice collection of bikes in the parking lot.† Was so hot out there that nobody spent much time looking at all the motorcycle eye candy.† The air conditioning inside was just too inviting.† Plenty of room and they took very good care of us.† I didnít hear any complaints.

†††† Was good to see a couple of members we havenít seen in a while.† Bill Getter rode over from New Mexico.† We havenít seen Bill since Death Valley.† And look at the Marvins.† They brought their brother, sister-in-law and nephew.† Last time we saw the Marvins they were leaving Branson, MO for home.

†††† Next month is the SEAT overnighter in Springerville.††† Check out all the details on page 7.† Be sure to bring your 50/50 and raffle money.† Got some great door prizes.

† †††Then in July and August we will do breakfasts to try and avoid the heat.† The July breakfast will be in Patagonia.† Tends to be a bit cooler down Patagonia way.† September we go back to lunch gatherings.† Looking forward to seeing you there!

††† Members present:† Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Doris Faircloth, Mike & Dawn Garden, Bill Getter, Art Jacobson, Rick & Mary Lambert, Phil & Harriet Marvin, Al Maurine, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Ralph & Linda Morley, Ron Pelton, Bob Ramig, Bill Schink, Tom Simpson, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Chuck Thompson, Barry West, John Willmann.† Guests:† Dick Prina, Chip & Rose Jackson and their son Ethan (Harriet Marvinís brother and family). 

††† Thanks to all who come to the SEAT lunches.† Ride safe!


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