The Artist's Palette, Tubac, Arizona

 March 2010 

     Spring has finally sprung and it looks like its going to be a great year for spring flowers in the desert with all the rain we’ve had so far this year.  It was good the weather opened up and we had a beautiful day for the monthly SEAT lunch gathering.  Perfect for a ride across south east Arizona.

     The Artist’s Palette over in Tubac did a much better job this time around taking care of a true crowd of SEAT members and their guests.  The owner is also the cook and he was up to his you-know-what keeping up with the orders.

     Most of the feedback at the SEAT Café Survey was positive...most.  All agreed that the food was tasty and the folks were the best!  If you come for the conversation and tire kicking you’ll never be dissatisfied at a SEAT lunch.  Be sure to cast your vote at the Café Survey at

     A big SEAT Happy Birthday to Melanie Godwin, staying young by riding her own bike with her soul mate Paul.  A SEAT Anniversary shout out to none other than Deryle and Wanda Mehrten, thirty years and still honeymooning!

     March is St Patrick’s Day month and we had a couple of SEAT members with some serious green on.  The top green wearer was Joe Beam with his kilt, the ladies loved it.  Runner up was Karl Winton with his green outfit.  Several other wee bottles of Irish cheer were handed out to folks wearing their Irish green.  It was a lot of fun!

     Rally season is just around the corner with one of the first being the Roadrunner Rally that will again be in Heber but on a different weekend than usual.  This year it will be the 21st through the 23 of May.  The following weekend is the World Superbike Races in Tooele, Utah, or the 49er Rally in California.  Lots of excuses for a long ride are coming up.  Check out the Rides, Races and Rallies that Bob Muller does for SEAT.

     Reeds’ Motor Lodge in Springervill will be motel central for this year’s SEAT Overnighter.  The manager will give you a small discount if you tell them you are with SEAT, the BMW motorcycle club.  Dinner at Booga Reds at 5 pm on the 12th of June.  Always a good time is had by all.

     The BMW MOA International Rally web site is now up and accepting pre-registration.  You can see by the aerial photo of the rally site that this is a great spot with lots of grass for the campers.  Hotels in the area are filling up fast so get your reservations in early.  A group SEAT photo will be taken an hour before the final ceremonies Saturday night.  Looking forward to seeing a bunch of SEAT members there.

     Be sure to check out the Shortcuts, Long Cuts or Ways Around by Bill Schink on page 4.  It’s a great way to come to the lunch at the San Manuel Golf Course.  April is the Easter Bunny month and I’ll bet the Easter Bunny will bring some Easter eggs to the SEAT lunch at the San Manuel Golf Course on the 11th of April.  You never know what you’ll find inside those eggs.  You’ll have to come to the lunch and find out!

     Members present:  Becky Aikens, Roger Austin, Joe & Janice Beam, Steve Beatty, Scott & Karen Beavers, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Nick Clement, Dave Delie, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Chris Frey, Dan & Sue & Clay Frizzell, Mike & Dawn Garden, Peter Godbois, Paul & Melanie Godwin, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Paul & Betty Klopfenstein, Robert & Marnie Leichtenberg, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Ralph & Linda Morley, James & Marie Palmietto, Ron & Kari Pelton, Arthur Post, Michael Proctor, Roger Salzgeber, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Alan Speert, Jim Strang, Tony & Sharon Strungis, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Barry West, John Willmann, John Wilson, Karl Winton, Tim Zierman & Vicky Rosen.  Guests:  Stuart Schiver, Steve Spencer, Greg Perrin, Robert Zarzyczny, Jan Strong, Jan Nufer, Bert Wilkins.

     As always it’s the members and their guests that make the SEAT lunch gatherings so good.  Come on out to the next lunch and you’ll see what I mean!

     Ride safe...     




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