Longhorn Grill, Arivaca Junction, AZ

 March 2008

†††† The Longhorn Grill has always taken good care of us, and this past SEAT lunch was no exception.† Nice, big place with good service.† The paved parking lot is a nice touch, too.

†††† Spring has sprung and the riding is great.† We saw gobs of motorcyclists all along our route to the Grill.† My arm got tired waving.† Itís fun to wave and see what style of wave comes back.† Thatís another story...or maybe a blathering.

† As usual by the time we got there the parking lot was almost full.† Folks get there ahead of time to get their order in early, then have time to tell some tales and kick some tires out in the parking lot.

†††† Some really trick bikes were on display for all to drool over.† The new Beemers were of course present and accounted for; and the Hondas/Yamahas/Suzukis/HDs/MotoGuzzis were out in force, too.† SEAT lunches are a good place to go to see the latest from all the Manufactures.† Weíre a pretty diverse club.† With no rules, I might add!

†††† We got a report that the local Police had a radar set up out on the Arivaca Road.† This is a favorite road for sport riders and sport tourers to get into the curves and whoop-dee-doos.† Thanks to John for letting us know.

†††† Nobody would stand up and admit they had a birthday in March.† Afraid to see your age in print?† Next SEAT lunch Iím sure there will be a birthday picture or two.† We are the age of the Baby Boomer, arenít we?

†††† Aprilís SEAT lunch will be at the Banditos & Lawmen in Tintown, Bisbee.† Neat old place that has been there for years.† They are opening just for us and have plenty of room.

†††† Be sure to check the SEAT web site for lots more pictures (www.SEATRider.org).† Lots of Rides, Races and Rallies to pique your interest, too.† Ride safe!†††††

†††† Members present:† Marina Ackerson, Larry Andrade, Roger Austin, Tab Baker, Jack Betz, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Michael Burke, Byron Crandall, Jeff Dean, Dave Delie, Mike & Dawn Garden, Andy Gilmour, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Jack Herbst, Mike Larson, Harb Lill, Rich & Jackie Long, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, George Mortimer, Carl Mueller, Daniel Neal, Thomas & Artemisa Palmer, Alan Payne, Butch & Laura Porter, Len Robbins, Joe Russo, Jr. & Sherry Daniels, Roger Salzgeber, Don Schweiger, Bryan Seneviratne, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Jim & Denise Strang, John Willmann.† Guests/Prospective members:† Andrew Waldman, T. Dorris, Derral McDonald, Al Hassett, Ray Hammerich, Tom Dove, and Colin Carswell and Frank Kellner (visiting from Ontario, Canada). 



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