SEAT Lunch at Old Wagon Café, Ajo Highway

March 2006

 Winter decided to come all at once this year and on our lunch gathering weekend to boot.  The Huachuca’s, the Santa Catalina’s and the Rincon’s mountains got dusted.  Even the Superstition’s got some of that cold, wet white stuff.  Burrrr!!

     Coming into The Old Pueblo the weather warmed up and it turned into a beautiful day despite Mother Nature’s attempt to snow us in.  There were a few folks that took the four wheeled cage...lets face it, it was burr cold down in the south east corner.

     Turns out that several SEAT members frequent      The Old Wagon Café and they were right about the good eats.  The building does look a bit small as you pass by it heading towards Robles Junction.  The inside is your basic café with a very friendly and quick staff.  They did a good job taking care of us.  Not bad.

     This was Al Maurine’s first ride after having some serious back surgery.  He was all smiles.  Good to see a fellow SEAT member back in the saddle and riding to a SEAT lunch.  Way to go Al.

     The Old Wagon Wheel Café is just before the turn off to Sasabe and the west side of Arivaca Road.  Several riders headed off to a spirited ride down Hwy 286 and possibly a stop at the Gadsden Coffee Company in Arivaca.  The western side of Arivaca road sure could use some serious maintenance.

     As is always the case, the SEAT members present make the lunches what they are.  Seems we meet a new member or two at every lunch.  Nice.  Thanks to Bob Muller for recommending The Old Wagon Café.  

     In April we will head north and try Lupe’s in Oracle Junction.  Mexican is their specialty.  Come out and join your fellow SEAT members to kick some tires and tell some tales.  See you there.

     Members present:  Marina Ackerson, John Alese, Jack Betz, Ed Birch, Neal Clark, Jeff & Jill Dean, Dave Delie, Maynard Hershon, Bill Kinney, Harb Lill, Clif Lines & Kate Albers, Craig Littlefield, Al Maurine, Mick McKinnon, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Curtis & Bev Smith, Allen & Diane Moore, Dick Moser, Bob & Marianne Muller, Ted Olsen, Joe Russo, Jr. & Sherry Daniels, Alan Speert, Pat Walsh, and John Willmann.