Overnighter in Prescott

June 2013

Written by Deryle & Wanda Mehrten

This year was the first time the SEAT June Overnighter was held in Prescott, Arizona.  The host hotel was the Hotel St Michael located at the intersection of Gurley and Whiskey Row - THE down town of the down town in Prescott.  Super location to meet up after a day’s ride.

It wasn’t an easy ride up to Prescott.  The heat this year has been off the scale and the weekend of the 7th through the 9th of June saw some near record temperatures.  Good that the temperature in Prescott was ten to fifteen degrees cooler than Tucson or Phoenix.  

This weekend was Territorial Days in Prescott and there was an event on every corner.  The Court House was surrounded by 100 or more vendors selling household and personnel gadgets & gismos of every kind.  It took us close to four hours to check them all out.  Nice that the park trees provided cooling shade. 

Dinner was at the Prescott Brewery right across the street from the St Michael.  They did us nice by putting us upstairs in a small veranda area.  We had plenty of room and the service was very good.  So was the food…and the beer!  There were 23 SEAT members and guests gathered around the two tables. Nice turn out considering the heat we all had to ride through.

Members present:  Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Bill & Bonnie Bachmann, Vic Paladini, Steve Paladini, Alan Speert, Mike & Chris, Roger Austin, John Willmann, Ian & Kim Colby, Craig Littlefield, Skip & Kelly Blecker, Dave Delie, Deb Josselyn, Judy Carroll, Doug & Jen Neill.

Thanks to Iron Horse Motorcycles for their door prize donations.  With some neat prizes covered by SEAT everyone got a prize to take home.  It was a hoot!

Make sure to keep an eye on the SEAT Calendar for more rides and overnighters.  They’re always a great ride and good times!


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