SEAT Overnighter, Silver City, NM

 June 2011 

     The Wallow fire threw a monkey wrench into SEATís Overnighter plans.  The Overnighter was planned for Alpine with dinner at the Alpine Grill the 11 th of June.  Because of extreme fire danger residents of Alpine, along with several other communities along Hwy 191/180, were directed to evacuate, right now!  Highway 191 was closed!  There wasnít going to be a SEAT Overnighter in Alpine any time soon.

     In 2010 Wanda and I met Dick & Louise Sackett at the Big Bear BMW Rally in California.  They had recently moved to Silver City, New Mexico.  When asked if they knew any restaurants in Silver City big enough to host a SEAT dinner, Dick said he would check it out.  That was in August 2010 and turned out to be a life safer.

     Moving the SEAT Overnighter to Silver City took all of a single day thanks to Dick.  He was in town when we contacted him and within a few hours a Hotel/Motel was selected and a restaurant was chosen.  Great!

     The Comfort Inn on Us Hwy 180 in Silver City was the SEAT gathering spot.  They have an indoor pool and spa that added to the enjoyment.  The Manager also gave us a discount on standard rooms.  Billy's BBQ & Wood Fired Pizza, about a mile east of the hotel, was the best choice near by for the dinner and turned out to be very good.

     Billyís set up two tables for us that comfortably held the twenty-six SEAT members who made it to the Overnighter.  BBQ and Stone Fired Pizzaís are the specialties of the house and they were good.  Two young ladies were assigned to take care of us and they did an excellent job.

     No SEAT Overnighter would be right without Door Prizes.  Thanks to Iron Horse Motorcycles, Cochise Motorsports and Sierra Cycles for their prize donations.  Next time you go by any of these shops be sure to give then a big SEAT Thank You!  No one left without a prize.  When the last prize was handed out, the trading started!  Hopefully everyone got the prize they wanted.  It was a hoot!

     Eating next to us was a group of Firemen Hotshots who were coming off the Murphy fire near Arivaca and Rio Rico.  We gave them a round of applause and our thanks for the job they do.  Made them blush.  Another table or two over was a group of Gold Wing riders out of Sierra Vista.  Lots of folks having a good time all around.

     Once back to the hotel Deb and Gary Blomstrom surprised us all with a cooler full of adult beverages.  A bunch of chairs from the pool area were brought out to the outdoor table and the party started.  Truly a great group of guys and gals.

     A big SEAT Happy Birthday to Craig Littlefiled, a young seventy something; and to Tish Mealy, who canít be a day over 39!  It was also Tish and Ed Mealyís anniversary as well.  They have been riding together for over three decades, a blink of the eye when youíre having a good time.  Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!

     The temperatures now are getting into the hundreds as summer settles in.  Riding in the heat takes planning.  Carry water and drink frequently if you plan on riding this time of year.  The heat can creep up on you and you really donít want that to happen.

     Two Discovery Arizona Rides are coming up in July and August.  Also, Steve Cantrill is hosting a breakfast in August in Payson.  Rallies are happening all around and the BMW MOA National is just a few weeks away.  Check out Bob Mullerís Rides, Races and Rallies for the details.  Lots of stuff.

      Members present:  Gail Ben-Jamin, Gary & Deb Blomstrom, Dave & Carole Delie, Tony & Tami Ivy, Craig & Jan Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Hitch Paprocki, Len & Linda Robbins, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Dick & Louise Sackett, Alan Speert, Herb Suessenbach, Steve Woodward.

      Itís the members who make SEAT so good.  Ride safeÖif you can.††††


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