10th Annual SEAT Overnighter Sprinerville, AZ

 June 2008 

†††† Hard to believe that this was the 10th Annual SEAT Overnighter.† It seems like only yesterday the late Rob Lentini organized our first SEAT Overnighter in Alpine. Time flies when you are having a good time.

†††† The ride to the Rode Inn in Springerville took many SEAT members up Old Highway 666, Hwy 191 - The Coronado Trail.† Although a bit dirty this year, its still the best ride in Arizona with 500 or so turns in 90 miles!†

†††† Actually, the road was in pretty good shape.† Winter does take itís toll though, and many turns had loose gravel on the inside.† The RVs can kick up quite a bit of dirt and rocks as they negotiate some of the sharp turns.

†††† Canít leave out Hwy 60 through the Salt River Canyon as a possible route to or from Springerville.† This is another one of Arizonaís all time best rides.† The road and the views are made for motorcycling.

††††† Springerville and the Rode Inn have taken good care of us these past few years.† It seems the rooms though are getting a bit old, especially the one without a toilet!† The manager was as surprised as the folks checking into the room were.††† How about opening your room and finding it already occupied?† Happened twice!† Hopefully everything was made right.† What a hoot!

†††† Booga Reds was right on time!† The service and the food was very good.† The Margaritas werenít bad either! The manager was very pleased we choose them again this year.† I almost felt guilty throwing all those tickets on the floor!

†††† Handing out the door prizes, the 50/50 money and the raffle prizes was a blast.† The 50/50 collection this year was $154.† The winner took home $77, not bad!† The raffle brought in $135 for the SEAT treasury.† Thanks a bunch guys!

†††† A big SEAT thanks to Iron Horse Motorcycles, Cochise Motorsports and Sierra Cycles for the swag.† What would an overnighter be without door prizes? Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their support the next time you visit.† Tell them SEAT sent you!

†††† The collection of motorcycles in the parking lot was pretty amazing.† Some of the best the motorcycling manufactures have to offer were on display.† Its obvious we do have good taste in our motorcycles!

†††† The location for next yearís Overnighter hasnít been decided yet.† As you may already know, the initial location for this yearís Overnighter was to be Silver City, New Mexico.†† Feedback on the only restaurant that could hold 50 or more SEAT members was bad, very bad.† At the last minute plans were changed.† So where to go next year?

†††† Show Low or Pinetop-Lakeside may have a good hotel/motel/restaurant location.† Anyone know anything about the Casino at Hon-Dah?† As you travel along the Mogollon Rim, keep an eye out for a good location for the next SEAT Overnighter.† Now thereís an excuse for a ride!

†††† Remember the next two months will be SEAT breakfast† gatherings.† Afternoon temperatures in July and August can be pretty extreme.† Getting drowned by a monsoon storm isnít a lot of fun either.† Breakfast will be at 8:30 am. That should keep us out of the heat and storms.

†††††† Thanks to everyone who made it to the 10th Annual SEAT Overnighter; you will be forever part of SEAT history.† As always, itís the members who make it so much fun.

†††† Be sure to check out the SEAT web site (www.SEATRider.org) for lots more pictures.† There are always more pictures than will fit in the newsletter.† Craig Littlefield, our Web Master, does an excellent site!† Ride safe!

†††† Members present:† Marina Ackerson, Larry Andrade, Bill Bachmann, Richard Bartasek, Gail Ben-Jamin, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Don Cameron, Michael & Doreen Conner, Dave Delie, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Andy Gilmour, Joe & Nancy Giordano, Hank Halverson, Rick & Mary Lambert, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen Moore, Vic Paladini & Christine Reed, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Roger Salzgeber, Tony Sanell, Alan Speert, Herb Suessenbach, Pat Walsh, John Willmann, Tom Zirbel, Steve Paladini, Jeff & Karen Garden.† Guest:† Ron Santos.



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