The June 2005 SEAT Overnighter in Springerville, AZ††††

†††† A really big Thank You! to all the folks who made this yearís SEAT Overnighter.† Give yourselves a big round of applause!† You were terrific!

†††† The Rode Inn was perfect!† We had beer in the break room whenever we wanted it!† Good move!† And the breakfast in the morning was awesome!† We definitely ate our fill.† Thank you Rode Inn.

†††† Booga Redís did an outstanding job of getting us all served.† The food was right on!† Good job!

†††† And how about those door prizes!?!†† John at Iron Horse Motorcycles was very generous.† Be sure to tell him thanks when you visit the shop.† Canít say enough about the door prizes and those guys at Iron Horse.

†††† A special award goes to the Rode Inn for donating a free stay.† Thatís right, Bob Ramig won a free stay at the hotel for the weekend.† Now thatís customer service to the max.

†††† The yearís Sexy Prize high bidder was Allen Moore!† He was stammering something about giving it to one of his children...yeah, right!

†††† The 50/50 drawing was won by Sioux Prince.† She took home $56.† The other $56 will go into the SEAT Christmas fund.† Thanks Bev Grosh for helping with the ticket sales.† You look marvelous!

†††† Thanks to Ed Birch and Ron Pelton for a bunch of pictures.† Nothing tells a story like a picture.† Be sure to go to to see more, and click on the Club Forum to see even more pictures!

†††† Too bad the next SEAT Overnighter is a year away!† We are busy making plans for next year so keep the second weekend of June 2006 open!

†††† Members present:† John Alese, Jack Betz, Ed Birch, Gary Blomstrom & Deborah Josselyn, Don Cameron, Louis & Kathy Coin, Chris Frey, Joe & Nancy Giordano, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Menachem Lorber, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Leo Nozicka, Bob Ordway, Ron & Kari Pelton, Dick & Sioux Prince, Bob Ramig, Phil Shelley, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, John Tautfest & Pat Conley, Barry West and John willmann.† Guests:† Jeff Coleman, Paul Horwath and Dave Atlas.

†††† Sure hope we didnít miss anybody.† We do look forward to the next annual SEAT Christmas Party in Sierra Vista.† This is a donít miss happening so keep the 11th of December open.

†††††† Come out to a SEAT lunch while you wait for the next happening!


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