Vail Steakhouse Vail, AZ

 July 2011  

     With the monsoon rains finally coming in, itís cooling down across Arizona.  The early morning ride over to Vail was a delight, cool temps, no traffic and a fine running Beemer taking Wanda and I to the SEAT Breakfast.  Hwy 83 crossing the Santa Rita Mountains is still one of the best, albeit short, ride around.  Even the ďstraighteningĒ didnít slow traffic down.

     SEAT does a breakfast in July and August just because itís hot, and you never know when that isolated or scattered monsoon deluge will hit.  Best to do an early morning ride so folks can get home safe and dry.

     The Manager of the Vail Steakhouse put us all in the back room where there was plenty of room for the SEAT members who came to the breakfast.  The Waitresses assigned to us took pretty good care of us and it didnít take too long for breakfast to arrive.  The food at the Vail Steakhouse is good, nothing real fancy, good down home cooking.

     Nice seeing several SEAT members who havenít made it to a SEAT lunch in a while.  Never fails you will meet a different group of SEAT members at each of the monthly gatherings.  The bikes they ride in are always some of the neatest around.  Parking lot gawking and tire kicking is always good.

     A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Bill Schink, heís a young 78 and rides a very nice Beemer.  Also Happy 39th to Wanda Mehrten, she rides on the back of a really kewl Beemer!  Happy Birthday to all the SEAT members who had their day of essence in July, and many more!

     The Discover Arizona Rides have been a hoot.  Read more about the Prescott - Whiskey Row Ride later in the Newsletter.  Check out the next couple of rides coming up, including a Utah ride that BMW MOA puts together.  Be sure to read Bob Mullerís Rides Races and Rallies for lots of excuses for a ride.  This will be Bobís last update, he too is retiring at the end of this year.

     Members present:  Gary Blomstrom, Stan Dietzman, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Tony & Tami Ivy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Stan Thibaut, Roy Walz, Barry West.

     As always check out for more pictures.  Ride safe.


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