Vail Steakhouse, Vail AZ

 July 2010 

†††† Nowís the time of year for those early morning rides before the heat build up and possible monsoonal rains start.† The air feels clean and cool on your gear and through your face shield.† Internal combustions engines love that cool dense air, too...they make more horse power!

†††† Coming into Vail through the Santa Rita Mountains early in the morning on our way to the SEAT breakfast gathering was a delight.† We had the road to ourselves and enjoyed every minute of it.† Folks coming from Tucson to Vail on the Old Spanish Trail loop Iím sure enjoyed their ride in cool air as well.† So much green happening as the rainy season approaches.

†††† This is the second time SEAT has gathered at The Vail Steakhouse.† It has really improved with new floors and furniture through out.† SEAT had the newer back room with a dedicated waitress to take care of us.† Good food and good service insures we will come back again.† Be sure to check out the SEAT web site at and let us know what you think of the Vail Steakhouse by completing the Cafť Survey.† Thereís quite a collection of restaurants and cafes there.

†††† As always there was a great collection of bikes in the parking lot to ogle over.† The newer Ks and Rs are showing up more and more.† And how about those old Air Heads?† A couple of really well done older air heads† contrasted nicely with the newer Boxers.† Then thereís those older 2 valve K bikes that just keep running and running and runningÖ† Keeping older bikes running is a labor of love, been there done that.† Thanks for riding them to the SEAT breakfasts and lunches so we can enjoy them too.

†††† The BMW MOA Rally was in July.† Quite a few SEAT members made it to Redmond for the annual rally.† You can read about SEAT at the MOA Rally farther back in this issue.† Needless to say, it was a grand ride and a great rally.† Next monthís featured rally is the Big Bear Rally up on the mountains overlooking San Bernardino, CA.† Gets really cool up in† the San Bernardino Forest.† Donít forget to check out Bob Mullerís Rides, Races and Rallies for lots more excuses for a ride.

†††† The monsoon rains are upon us and are great, we need the water.† They can also be extremely dangerous with high winds and lightening.† When it comes down so hard you canít see, its time to pull over.† When you canít see the road because of the two or three inches of water on top of it, its time to take a break.† Flowing washes can take cars off the road, donít risk it.† Watch out for all that water!

†††† A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Eldon Helmer, in his sixties and born on the 4th of July!; Craig Littlefield, our web master still in his seventies; and Wanda Mehrten, 39 years young and looking good!† The saying goes that riding will keep you young - believe it, itís true!

†††† Members present:† Roger Austin, Scott Beavers, Ray Begitschke, Stan Dietzman, Chris Frey, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, David Lyle, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, James Palmietto, Hitch Paprocki, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Butch Smith, Alan Speert, Kelly Spicer, Barry West, Karl Winton, and new member Dan Broadhurst.† Guests:† Barry Levitt & his daughter Cassie from Sierra Cycles in Sierra Vista, AZ.

†††† August is a breakfast gathering at the Home Plate in Patagonia.† An early morning ride beats the heat and hopefully the rain.† September its back to lunches.

†††† Ride safe...



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