Hacienda del Lago, Vail, AZ

 July 2009

      Hacienda del Lago is the 19th Hole at the del Lago Golf Club.  As is befitting any good 19th Hole the air conditioning was outstanding!  Seems Summer decided to pick the second Sunday of July to be the hottest day of the year.

     Early morning temps are so good to ride in.  The Santa Ritas were cool with no traffic.  The ride to the Hacienda del Lago was a pleasure.  Leaving the restaurant, no matter the direction, the temperatures quickly climbed into the very high 90s and by mid afternoon 110 or better.  HOT.

     Many SEAT members aren’t willing to brave these kinds of temperatures, understandably so.  Even with a Camel Back filled to the brim with ice water, its hard to keep up with the loss of body fluids when its southwest-desert hot.  Plan carefully before any trip across the desert this time of year.  Temperatures in the 120s and higher can really take your breath away.

     With all that said, there were 15 SEAT members who came out for the Hacienda del Lago experience.  This is a very nice establishment.  The parking lot is paved, which was an immediate plus.  The Pro Shop was well stocked with some nice hot weather clothes.  Golfers know good gear, like us they depend on them when in the heat, cold or rain.

     Then there’s the air conditioning.  Did I mention that it was really nice?  It was...and so was the service.  The Events Coordinator, Ms. Alvarez,  set up the back room for us.  It was very comfortable.

     From the Café Survey results, it seems that Ms. Alvarez’s efforts were well received.  The food was fine, the restaurant was very nice, the company—priceless.  We’ll go back again when the weather is a bit more sufferable.

     A Get Well Soon goes out to Patti Thibaut.  Seems she read the “crash” Blathering and decided she wanted in.  Ended up with a broken collar bone.  Full and speedy recovery to you Patti.

     This month it’s Wanda Mehrten’s birthday.  Yup, she turned 39 in July...again.  For her birthday present she got a National Parks lifetime pass...a “senior” pass I believe they call it.

     Members present:  Roger Austin, Scott Beavers, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, James Colceri, Dave Delie, Mike Larson, Craig Littlefield, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Alan Payne, Len Robbins, Roger Salzgeber, Stan & Patti Thibaut.  Guest:  Barry Levitt.

     August, notoriously hot, is another SEAT breakfast gathering.  Time to visit Patagonia and the Home Plate in the Stage Stop Motel.  Since the Home Plate moved in, the service and the food has improved greatly.  See you there!

     If you made it to the MOA and/or the RA rally don’t forget to send along some pictures.  Got a shot of you or your spouse with your SEAT shirt showing?  Those will always make it into the Newsletter and on the web site.

     The Featured Rally this month is the Big Bear Rally, put on by the San Diego and South Coast BMW Clubs of California.  It’s the last weekend of August.  High up in the San Bernardino Mountains, it’s a small, excellent rally.

   Ride safe...




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