Home Plate in Patagonia, AZ

 July 2008  

 It was such a cool, pleasant morning for a ride.  No doubt it was raining somewhere, just not on us as we came down one of Southern Arizonaís Scenic Roads.  The temps were just right and the early morning air smelled fresh and clean.  Perfect riding weather.

     Unfortunately in some areas it was raining and raining hard.  The seasonal rains are upon us with torrential down pours and flooding washes.  Crossing rushing water is dangerous stuff - be watchful of the dips and washes that traverse your favorite roads, they may be a raging river this time of year.  Rushing water is powerful stuff.

     The Home Plate has made eating at the Stage Stop Inn a pleasure.  Service has improve greatly, you can get breakfast or lunch in a reasonable time.  The menu covers quite a few tastes, and, so far, I have not heard of anyone getting a bad plate.  The Home Plate Chef is a personal friend of several SEAT members and we appreciate them taking the time to do it right for us.

     The best part of a SEAT gathering is the people and their machines.  Never fails that there is a new model or two of one of the manufactures at a SEAT lunch or breakfast.  If you are interested in what one of the new models looks like or how they ride, come to the next SEAT gathering, chances are youíll see it there.  

     And donít be shy, we Beemers riders can be a bit stand-offish, so walk right up and ask the rider what they think of the bike.  Bet youíll get more answer than you expected.  Many SEAT members are true experts on their Beemers.

     Birthday month goes to Wanda Mehrten and Elsa Long, and you guessed it, theyíre both 39!  Next time you make it to a SEAT lunch, be sure to let us know if it is your Birthday month or anniversary month.  And donít worry, we can lie about your age if you want to.  Fun to do, eh!

     This is riding and rally season.  Be sure to check out the Rides, Races, and Rallies page for the latest schedules.  Bob Muller keeps us up to date with a good palette of rides, races and rallies.   Thanks Bob!

     Each month weíll try to highlight a rally in the CA, AZ, UT, NV, NM or CO area.  Many of these clubs are aware of SEAT and want us to be a part of their rally.  If they send us their rally flyer weíll get it to Craig Littlefield, our web master, for publication on the web.  Look for a SEAT shirt at any rally you go to...thereís a SEAT shirt every where!

     Next month it will be a breakfast again.  Weíll do breakfast at Cindy Louís II out on the Ajo Highway just past Ryan Field.  In years past the monsoonal rains usually hit in the afternoon.  With a bit of luck that makes for a great morning ride, missing the heat of the afternoon and those monsoon rains.

     Members present:  Larry Andrade, Roger Austin, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Loy Brydon, Chris Frey, Andy Gilmour, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Bob & Marianne Muller, Daniel Neal, James Neisz, Bob Ordway, Steve Paladini, Ron Pelton, Butch & Laura Porter, Arthur Post, Chad Smith, David Sorkow, Alan Speert, Barry West, Joe Zinn, and new members Scott & Karen Beavers, Warren Cooper.  Guest:  Bill Ronstadt.

     Thanks to all those who made the breakfast.  Itís good to see new members making it to a SEAT gathering.  Lots of regulars, too.  Ainít it grand!

     See you at Cindy Louís.  Ride safe! 



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