Home Plate, Patagonia, AZ

 July 2007

     Riding in the early morning across the high desert of Southern Arizona is so nice.  Temperatures were in the “just right” zone.  Didn’t hurt to have a long sleeved shirt under the mesh jacket.

     The Home Plate Restaurant in the Stage Stop Inn Motel in Patagonia continues to be an excellent SEAT lunch or breakfast gathering spot.  No longer do you have to wait for hours.  Excellent food and quick service.  Be sure to go to the Restaurant Survey on the SEAT web site and let us know what you though of The Home Plate.

     As usual the parking lot was filled with some very tasty eye candy.  Not all Beemers, either.  SEAT can easily boast we have the best looking and just plain kewlest bikes around.  Walking around the bikes at a SEAT lunch and bike gazing can be one of the best reasons to go to a SEAT gathering.

     Hanging out with a bunch of SEAT members at a SEAT gathering is still the best part.  It’s always good to see members that haven’t been for a while and new members for the first time.  Lots of like minded folks telling tales and kicking tires.

         There were two members celebrating their birthday in July:  Bill Getter, 73; and Wanda Mehrten, 39.  Happy birthday and many more to you!

     Lots of members getting new bikes this year.  Craig, our illustrious web master, loves to put pictures of members and their new bikes on the SEAT web site.  Check out www.SEATRider.org regularly, Craig is always updating things!

     The summer riding season is upon us.  The BMW MOA National was attended by a SEAT member or two.  We appreciate getting pictures of any of the rallies and rides members go on.  It’s nice to share adventures with your fellow riders.

     With that in mind, be sure to check out the Rides, Races and Rallies page.  There are still quite a few rides to enjoy this year.  The Land of Enchantment BMW Rally in Sipapu, New Mexico is coming in September.  An excellent rally with some of the best riding in New Mexico in and around the rally site.  Hope to see a bunch of SEAT members there!

     Remember it will be a SEAT breakfast in August.  The early gathering works out well: before the summer heat build up, or before the monsoon rains!  Watch out for those afternoon storms, they can literally blow you off the road.

     Members present:  Roger Austin, William Bachmann, Joe Beam, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Kevin & Kathy Carpenter, John & Suellen Chiakmakis, Bud Fraze, Chris Frey, Mike & Dawn Garden, Bill Getter, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Ted Hartman, Craig Littlefield, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Curtis & Beverly Miller, Ralph & Linda Morley, Bob & Marianne Muller, Dan & Pamela Neal, Bob Ordway, Jr., David Owens, Thomas & Artemisa Palmer, Ron Pelton, Bob Ramig, Joe Russo, Jr. & Sherry Daniels, Don Schweiger, Richard Sivilli, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Bob & Karen Thompson, Barry West, and new members Mark & Elma McClure, Dick Schaffer, Mike Larson.  Guests:  Steven Seegers, Bob Roof, Larry Teixeira. 

     Thanks to all who came to the July gathering.  See you in Catalina at Bubb’s Grubb for breakfast in August.  Ride safe!

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