Three Points Restaurant, Robles Junction, AZ

 January 2011  

†††† The first SEAT lunch of the New Year!† Happy 2011 to everyone!

†††† This has been one of the driest Januarys for more than 30 years per our local weather guy/gal.† Although this is really tough on our water supply, it has made for one really nice January for riding around the state.† The temps are cool in the morning, which isnít bad; and just right by mid afternoon.† It really is the best time of year to go riding around the Arizona desert.

†††† The SEAT members and their guests who rode to the Three Points Restaurant at the junction of the Ajo Highway and Highway 286 know what Iím talking about.† The loop around Arivaca is only one of the great rides that are on the west side of Tucson.† Riding through the Tucson Mountain Park on Kinney Road is pretty good motorcycling, right up there with Star Pass and Gates Pass.† It was an excellent day to take a ride!

†††† This was the first time SEAT has lunched at the Three Points Restaurant.† The owner did bring on an additional waitress to help out, he didnít bring on a second cook.† That slowed things down quite a bit from our previous visits.† Slow to get served was about the only complaint that came in on the Cafť Survey.† Too bad, as the food was really pretty good and the two ladies that waited on us did do their best.† Be sure to go to the SEAT web site and let us know what you thought.

†††† Although a call for birthdays and anniversaries didnít go out at the lunch, it just happens that January is Stan Thibautís birthday.† Hereís to a Happy Birthday and lots of good miles riding with Patti.† Happy Birthday Stan!

†††† In February SEAT will lunch at another first time restaurant, The Oracle Inn.† Oracle is a good ride around to the north side of Mount Lemmon.† The Discover Arizona ride in February will be to Yuma, The Yuma Landing Ride.† Be sure to check out Bob Mullerís Rides, Races and Rallies to start planning your 2011 riding year.

†††† Members present:† Roger Austin, Bill Bachmann, Jack Betz, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Steve Ferguson, Chris Frey, Peter Godbois, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Sig Jourdan, Paul & Betty Klopfenstein, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Allen & Diane Moore, Carl Mueller, Dan & Pam Neal, Hitch Paprocki, Butch & Laura Porter, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Ron Shaffer, Alan Speert, Pat Walsh, John Wilson.† Guests:† Jim Hansen, Robert Simpson, Gary & Dale Herberger, Mike Ostrom, Neil Hejny, Steve Spencer, Mike Leblanc.

†††† As always itís the members who make the lunches the place to be.† The bikes are what brings the folks together, itís the members who make it right.††

†††† Ride safe and see you in Oracle in February!



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