La Casita Restaurant, Mammoth, AZ

 January 2008 

†††† Although it was a very cool morning to start, by the time lunch was done it was a nice and warm day.† Boy these tough winter days in Arizona are just too hard to take...not!

†††† We got quite a surprise just before La Casita opened.† Several Police vehicles pulled onto the side of the road in front of the restaurant.† Several LEOs came to front door and two or three went around to the back door.† Was it a raid?† Had they heard about the nefarious BMW Motorcycle Club?†

†††† Nope, seems the local Police Station is just down the highway a bit and when the shift changes many of the LEOs stop to eat at La Casita.† Had us going for a bit.

†††† The back room is getting a little small for the SEAT lunch.† We filled it pretty quickly.† Several members ate in the big room just because there was more room there.† The young ladies that were assigned to the back room were quick and pleasant.† They earned their tips.

†††† Listening to the conversation at a SEAT lunch is a education is motorcycling.† Such a diverse group with different riding styles and the motorcycles to match.† A few members came via dirt back roads.† Their riding abilities are amazing.†

†††† The number of miles some of the SEAT members rack up in a year is also quite amazing.† I hope you are signing up for the BMW MOA Mileage Contest.† Seems Arizona never does very well even though we have such a long riding season.† Might have something to do with the fact the summer months, the ones the contest is looking at, are just too hot and many of us donít ride in the heat.† Love these Arizona winters!

†††† Happy Birthday wishes are back (sorry we missed November and December).† A SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Stan Thibaut.† Seems Stan has joined the over 60 crowd.† Donít worry Stan, sixty is the new forty now...isnít it?

†††† Several rides and rallies are coming up this year that may interest you.† Death Valley Daze XIII will have just happened by the time you receive this newsletter.† Then in February itís the Brass Monkey near Parker; May is the AZ Beemer (formerly the PITS) Rally in Heber; June is the SEAT Overnighter, donít miss it, weíre going to Silver City this year; and the Big Bear Rally in California and the Land of Enchantment Rally in New Mexico are in September, both on the same day as the SEAT lunch, darn it.† Check out the Rides Races and Rallies for a bunch more.

†††† And donít forget the SEAT Challenge Rides, theyíre for all those other weekends when there arenít any rallies going on.† You donít have to finish a SEAT Challenge to sign up.† Sign up and do a few of the ďlegsĒ and let us know how it went.† Always good to hear about fellow SEAT memberís rides.

†††† Members present:† Roger Austin, Ed Birch, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Byron Crandall, Jeff & Jill Dean, Dave & Carole Delie, Roy Fox, Chris & Debbie Frey, Dennis Gard, Andy Gilmour, Carl Haakonson, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Rick & Mary Lambert, Harb Lill, Cliff Lines & Kate Albers, Mick McKinnon, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, George Mortimer, Carl Mueller, Dan Neal, Butch & Laura Porter, Michael Proctor, Roger Salzgeber, Tony Sanell, Bill Schink & Marilyn Landy, Don Schweiger, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Butch Smith & Bev Grosh, Stan Thibaut, Chuck & LaRae Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry West, John Willmann, and new member Don Deitz.† Guests:† Donna Kuper, Tom Loegering, Mark Morrissey, Matt Kas, John Kersh, Roger Morckel, Wayne & Lana Jansen, Tab Baker.

†††† Thanks to all who came out to the January SEAT lunch.† We had more guests this month than every before.† Are we a great club or what!† Ride safe.


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