The January 2005 Lunch at Toddís Place, Ryan Air Field

†††† Todd has two restaurants on the west side of Tucson.† Knowing there are several pilots and plane enthusiasts in SEAT we chose Toddís Place located on Ryan Air Field, (520) 883-7770, for our 9 January lunch.†

†††† The last time we ate at Ryan Air Field the restaurant had a buffet and we not only packed the place, we cleaned out the buffet so fast they couldnít keep it full.† The buffet is now gone and Todd has made quite a bit more room.† Still we filled the place to the max and really had a good time.

†††† The weather couldnít have been better.† The parking lot began to fill with bikes around 11:00 am.† Even past 12:00 more riders came in.† It was just too nice a day to not go for a ride.

†††† Walking around the parking lot there was plenty of eye candy to look at.† BMW riders donít just ride BMWs...there was quite a collection of exotics and daily riders to look at and ask the owners about.† Thatís what the club is all about, getting people of like interests together.

†††† Toddís Place has an American menu and Todd himself guaranteed we wouldnít be dissatisfied.†† He was right.† The food was very good and the service was excellent.† The young ladies who took care of us really worked hard.

†††† The airfield is located on Ajo Highway and is close to some excellent riding on the west side of town.††† Gates Pass or Star Pass makes for an enjoyable ride.† And just 16 miles farther west is the turn off down 186 that is the back door into Arivaca.† If you are new to the area, Arivaca Road is one of the best rides in the county.

†††† It was really nice to see so many SEAT riders come out for the lunch.† The weather for the November lunch kept most folks home.† We were beginning to wonder if we would see some of the big turn outs we have had in the past.† No problem this weekend as 60 plus members came out to kick tires and tell tales.† It was really good to see so many regulars and some of our newest members make the lunch.† Itís the members who make the club what it is.†

††††††† Members present:† Roger Austin, Bruce Barker, Jack Betz, Edward Birch, Gary Blomstrom & Deborah Josselyn, Craig Bradford, Dick Bruns, Neal Clark, Jeff & Jill Dean, Pete DeRosa, George & Shirley Dezso, Jerry Fasching & Donna Fritz, Chris Frey, Paul Godwin and daughter Stacy, Jim & Elisa Gugerty, Jim & Audrey Hambleton, Art & Katherine Jacobson, George Karam, Chris & Colleen Lester, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Rich & Jackie Long, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Dick Moser, Carl & Lynda Mueller, Robert Ordway, Jr., Walter & Laura Porter, William Schink & Marilyn Landy, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Don Schweiger, Phil Shelley, Tom Simpson, Larry Small, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Roderick Wagoner, Mark Weger, Tim Zierman and Joe Zinn.† Guests:† Mary & Rick Lambert, Sal Pernicone.

†††† Thanks to Becky Nufer for recommending Toddís Place.† And thanks to everyone who came out for the lunch.

Bruce Barker & his 1991 BMW K1
Ron Wagoner & his new R1200 Cruiser
Elsa Long and her new Honda 599
Phil Shelly & his Moto Guzzi Quoto
Jackie & Rich Long
Jim & Audrey Hambleton

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