2007 AZBeemers Rally, Heber, Arizona 

†††† Its great to have the Arizona BMW Motorcycle Rally back!† By the attendance, over 250 per the registration desk, there were a lot of other riders who were glad it was back.

†††† There are three BMW Clubs in Arizona with the AZBeemers leading the way on putting together a very well done rally.† Our hats are off to Mike and Doreen Conner for getting out the rally book and doing what they do best - put on one great rally!

†††† The Arizona BMW Motorcycle Rally will become known as the rally with the belly dancers.† Once again the AZBeemers out did themselves - this year there were two ladies dancing for our viewing pleasure.† A great time was had by all!

†††† Now lets talk about the weather...it was a bit rough at times.† Coming in from the west on Friday several riders talked about rain and smoke from a forest fire around Payson.† For those of us who came up Olde 666 (Hwy 191) it was rain, sleet, hail and more rain.† The hail marbles and the frozen visor made for an interesting bit of riding, thatís for sure.

†††† At the rally site, it rained Friday and Saturday.† Saturday it came down pretty heavy.† Still everyone ducked under all the covered hard stand and partied on!† Lots of good vendors there, too.

†††† SEAT made itís presence known with 37 identified SEAT members.† Thatís a bunch.† If we didnít see you there and you made it, our bad.† We really do look hard to try and find as many members as we can.

†††† So, the ride up was a bit wet, the diner was excellent, the entertainment was superb, and the friends seen - priceless!† Be sure to put the AZBeemer rally on your next yearís schedule.† We have!

†††† Members present:† Marina Ackerson, Richard Bartasek, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, KC Dibble & Carol, Bud Doe, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Doris Faircloth, Craig Garrett, Hank Halverson, Art & Katherine Jacobson, Rick & Mary Lambert, Menachem Lorber, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Carl Mueller and David Stoflet, Richard & Cheryl Osburn, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Alan Speert, Bob & Karen Thompson, Chuck & LaRae Thompson, Pat Walsh, John Willmann, and new members John & Suellen Chiakmakis.†††


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