Deming Veterans Gathering 2007 

†††† Don and Mary Lou Cameron have been hosting The Deming Veterans Gathering at their home for 10 years!† They are most gracious hosts, who now live on a paved road!† Wow!

†††† There were close to 150 people at the Cameron Ranch.† The beef, beans and potato salad were delicious, and the brownies were to die for.† The Door Prizes were exceptional.† This year was a true hoot.† More fun than a 200 mph drag bike!

†††† A super big thanks to all the prize donators and all the volunteer helpers.† Canít do it without you.

†††† An extra pat on the back to† Chuck and Kyla Maddox, Alamogordo Cycles, Alamogordo, NM, for bringing the small dirt bikes.† They were a blast!

†††† Our own John Cartwright III of Iron Horse Motorcycles was another generous donator of exceptionally nice door prizes.†

†††† The Piston Toss and the Slow Bike Ride were a gas!† Dick Sacket won the slow bike contest, and Angie Brennan won the Piston Toss.† Both went home with a nice bottle of local red wine.†

†††† Jeff Schmelzer was the envy of the crowd when he won the 50/50 drawing - $300.00!† SEAT member Thomas Palmer won the jacket Iron Horse donated and another winner got a certificate for a new helmet in their size donated by Alamogordo Cycles.

†††† Don called for a moment of silence to remember Harriet Marvin who passed away recently of cancer; and Jeff Keeler of Deming cycles who passed suddenly.† We will miss them.

†††† Be sure to check out the Deming Veterans Gathering web site for more information and lots more photos.†

†††† See you next year - 8 Nov 2008.

†††† SEAT Members present:† Marina Ackerson, John Alese, Richard Bartasek, Ed Birch, Don & Mary Lou Cameron, Kevin & Kathy Carpenter, Dave Delie, K.C. Dibble & Carol, Doris Faircloth, Don & Mike Garden, Bill Getter, John Ingenthron, Harb Lill, Craig Littlefield, Menachem Lorber, Chuck & Kyla Maddox, Phil Marvin, Al Maurine, Mick & Linda McKinnon, Wanda & Deryle Mehrten, Robert Ordway, Thomas Palmer, Bill Schink, Howard Schultz, Cheryl & Terry Smart, Bev Grosh & Butch Smith, Jim Strang, Bur Temple, Stan Thibaut, LaRae & Chuck Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry West, John Willmann, Tim Zierman. (44)



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