Cow Palace, Amado,AZ

 February 2014  

While a lot of the US is dealing with snow and cold, southern Arizona is having a heat wave.  Temps haven’t been this warm in February in a bunch of years.  Makes for most excellent riding weather and a lot of fellow SEAT members felt the same way.  A great day to go for a ride! 

The Cow Palace went under new management a few years back, or so I was told.  Good thing, when we lunched there several years back the service was poor and the food was only OK.  This time around we got great service and the food was not bad.  The back room held us nicely and the food began coming out of the kitchen right away.  Lots of time to get to know new members and catch up with some of the long time SEAT members. 

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, SEAT gave out some nice little, heart shaped boxes of candy for all the ladies.  It’s nice to have the members’ wives and girlfriends come to SEAT lunches and overnighters.  We also celebrated two birthdays – Elaine Gerdes and Dave Danks.  Happy Birthday and here’s to many more miles to you both. 

There were so many nice bikes out in the parking lot, it was amazing.  The first water cooled BMW R1200RT sold in Tucson was there, thanks to its new owner Jeff Dean.  Jeff is quite the R bike guy and couldn’t wait for the new RT to make it to showroom floors.  The new S1000R is due in shortly.  I’ll bet you’ll see a couple of the first ones sold here in Arizona at a SEAT lunch! 

Thanks to all the SEAT members and guests who made the February SEAT lunch:  Bill Bachmann, Skip Blecker, Nick Clement & Terry Golden, Dave Danks, Jeff Dean, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Stu Evans, Chris Frey & Stacey Cada, Wayne & Elaine Gerdes, James Green, Jack & Camille Herbst, Deborah Josselyn, Craig Littlefield, Mike LoGalbo, Menachem Lorber, Al Maurine, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Carl Mueller, Michael Mueller, Bob & Marianne Muller, Dan Neal, Jon Nicolussi, Tad Roberts, Frank Ruffin, Joe Russo, Jr., Dick Sackett, Don Schweiger, Jack Shomenta & Jadel Roe, Alan Speert and Roger Voelker.  Guests:  Al Hershey, Steve Stallbaumer (both guests of Dave Danks), Sebastian Lauber (guest of Dan Neal), Doron Strassman (guest of Menachem Lorber).  (42 Total) 

The next SEAT Lunch will be on March the 9th at 11:30 am at the Pizzeria Mimosa, 4755 E. Neapolitan Way, Hereford, AZ 85615.  See you there!  Click here to go to the Google Map.  

Come on out to the next SEAT gathering, they’re a hoot!  Your fellow SEAT members make it that way!    



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