Lupe's Restaurant, Catalina, AZ (Oracle Junction)

 February 2010 

     What a turn out for Valentine’s Day!  It was terrific to see all the SEAT ladies at the February SEAT lunch gathering.  The small, heart shaped box of Valentine’s Day candy was on SEAT!  Hope everyone enjoyed the treat.

     Lupe’s did a pretty good job of taking care of 64 SEAT members and guests.  When making the reservation we said we could have between 35 to 45. Oops, missed it by just that much!  Considering how full they were with their regular guests as well as SEAT, they did good.  Don’t forget to go to and let us know what you think of Lupe’s on the Café Survey page.

     The parking lot bike show hasn’t been this good in a month or two.  SEAT members have good taste, and the bikes they ride reflect it, for sure.  More and more of the wedged-motored K bikes are showing up.  Next month Steve Beatty should be on his S1000RR, BMW’s latest super bike contender.  These are some pretty powerful bikes and have a very modern and “go fast” look. 

     A big SEAT Happy Birthday goes out to Ed Mealy, an “experienced” rookie in his early fifties; Pat Walsh, a veteran of 69 summers; and although not present Tim Zierman, who on one day of the year is the same age as Pat Walsh, but alas all the other days one year older.  Happy Birthday guys!

     Next month the SEAT lunch will be in the Tubac area off of I-19 at the Artist’s Palette.  The Tubac area has grown so fast over the last few years that the Old Village district is now only a small part of the city.  If you have never been to the Tubac Presidio State Historical Park, go soon, it is slated to close if the Arizona Start Parks system doesn’t get some relief.

     St. Patrick’s Day falls in March and calls for the wearing of the traditional Irish green.  SEAT will give away a wee-bit of the Irish Whiskey to the best “green” dressed SEAT members.  Winners are reminded to drive and drink responsibility ;) 

     The AZ Beemers have sent out their 2010 Roadrunner Rally Invitation.  If you didn’t get one, no problem, you can go to their web site and get the sign up form any time.  And don’t forget to make your plans for the BMW MOA International Rally in July, sign up starts in March.  Be sure to check Bob Muller’s Rides, Races, and Rallies on page 8 for more riding opportunities.

     Members present:  Steve & Peggy Beatty, Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Jeff & Jill Dean, Dave & Carole Delie, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Carl Ewing, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Jack & Camille Herbst, Mike Larson, Robert & Marnie Leichtenberg, Craig Littlefield, Rick & Jackie Long, Tom & Sarah Marley, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Dan & Pam Neal, Richard & Cheryl Osburn, Hitch Paprocki, Michael Proctor, Joe Russo & Sherry Daniels, Roger Salzgeber, Tony Sanell, Bill Schink, Don Schweiger, Terry & Cheryl Smart, David & Patti Sorkow, Alan & Marilyn Speert, Jim & Denise Strang, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Chuck Thompson, Pat Walsh, Barry West, and new members Dan & Sue Frizzell, Lisa Frizzell, Nick Clement.  Guests:  Karl Haakonson, Karen & Steve Byrd, Ray & Randi Hammerich, David & Cherie Bertagnoli, Mark Davidson.

     Thanks to all the SEAT members and their Guests for coming to Lupe’s for the February SEAT lunch gathering.  It’s the members who make SEAT the best little club around!

     Ride safe.




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