Mount Athos Restaurant & Café, Florence, Arizona

 February 2009  

     In the last 12 plus years Wanda and I have driven to the SEAT monthly lunch only three times.  Way back when, it rained so hard the Santa Cruz River was trying to overflow its banks down by Nogales.  We took the car that day.  Harb Lill was the only rider at that lunch.

     Then there was the time a pickup truck messed up my ankle and we took the car to that month’s SEAT lunch.  The cast on my left foot wouldn’t fit under the shift lever.  That was like 7 or 8 years ago.

     The third time was this past SEAT lunch.  Snow was forecast for our neighborhood making it “not a riding day” in my book.  Thank goodness the weather above Tucson was ok.  Even so, it was a pretty tough group of riders who braved the weather and rode to Florence. 

     We got a much better welcome coming into town than the prison visitors got.  The local law enforcement was out in force and was stopping cars and bikes coming into town.  The SEAT lunch was on the same weekend as the visitation weekend of the outlaw bikers.  Interesting...

     Mount Athos didn’t set up a table for us.  Because of the rain I telephoned them and let them know there probably wouldn’t be a crowd, and there wasn’t.  We had a short wait for a table as the early crowd began to thin out.  Eventually we were all in pretty much the same area.

     They have also changed their menu a bit.  All the Greek entrees are still there and now there are a few more American dishes.  Everyone seemed pleased with their food, nobody went away without being served which has happened at other locations.  Don’t forget to complete the Café Survey on the SEAT web site.  There is a new Remarks field now where you can tell us why you gave the restaurant the score you did.

     The riding season is upon us.  The SEAT overnighter is only a few months away.  Be sure to call for your reservations early.  Anyone going to the MOA National?  Bring back some pictures for the Newsletter, we appreciate it.

     Next month’s SEAT lunch will be at Melio’s Tratoria in Tubac.  This will be the first lunch that will have a theme, an “Vintage Bike” theme.  Ride the oldest bike you got.  If the weather stays nice, we’ll have several older Beemers ridden to the lunch thanks to Jeff Dean.

     Members present:  Gary & Deborah Blomstrom, Michael & Doreen Conner, Dave Delie, Patrick & Danese Dykes, Harb Lill, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Arthur Post, Ronald Ridge & Donna Leonard, Len Robbins, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Pat Walsh, John Willmann.

     As usual the company was great.  Thanks to all the SEAT members who made the lunch.  See you next month.  Ride safe.



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