Cafe Sonoita, Sonoita, AZ

 February 2008 

     We swamped them.  The folks at the Sonoita Café were expecting 50, maybe a few more.  We had 59 SEAT members and 17 guests come to the SEAT lunch.  That’s a new all time record – 76.  And 6 of those 17 guests joined SEAT.  It was quite a crowd, for sure.

     To the credit of the owner’s of the Sonoita Cafe, they never gave up.  If you waited, and it was a wait, you should have gotten your order.  I received an email from them saying if you didn’t get served, they would like to make it up to you.  Identify yourself as a SEAT member the next time you eat there and let them know you didn’t get served at the SEAT lunch.  They will give you $5.00 off your order.

     There aren’t that many restaurants out on our favorite riding roads that can handle a SEAT lunch any more.  Especially if the weather is good; and the weather was too good!  Everyone was out and about on their motorcycle Sunday.  If you owned a motorcycle and weren’t out riding, you really missed a beautiful day.  Probably the best day of the new year for just plain nice weather.

     At one time there were more than 60 motorcycles parked in front of the Café.  Several riders just passing by pulled into the parking lot just to see what was going on.  It was an impressive site.  Some truly state of the art modern machines, along with a smattering of well maintained older bikes.  SEAT members do ride some very nice motorcycles.

     We had three SEAT members celebrating February birthdays:  Ed Mealy – 51; Ron Shaffer – 69; and John Wilson – 39 (wink, wink).  Happy birthday to you guys and many more.

     We caught two SEAT members who weren’t at the Christmas party last year and missed receiving their special award for contributions to SEAT.  Ron Pelton received a SEAT key fob for being at every lunch last year; and Joe Russo got a SEAT coffee cup for contributing articles to the newsletter.  Thanks guys, we appreciate your support.

     Next month the SEAT lunch is at the Longhorn Grill in Amado.  They have the seating capacity to hold 75 or more.  Last time SEAT lunched there, they even had a new paved parking lot.  No more rocks and gravel.

     Don’t forget rally season is just around the corner.  Register now and get your hotel/motel reservations in early for the Roadrunner Rally! by the AZBeemers.  The rally will be over the weekend of 16-18 May.  Lots of other rides, races and rally information thanks to Bob Muller on page 8.

     Members present:  William Bachmann, Ray Begitschke, Ed Birch, Kevin & Kathy Carpenter, Neal & Nancy Clark, Byron Crandall, Jeff & Jill Dean, Dave Delie, Roy & Phyllis Fox, Chris Frey, Andy Gilmour, Ted & AJ Hartman, Eldon & Karen Helmer, Jack Herbst, Bill & Kathy Kinney, Rick & Mary Lambert, Harb Lill, Clif Lines & Kate Albers, Menachem Lorber, Mick McKinnon, Ed & Tish Mealy, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, George Mortimer, Steve Mossholder, Carl Mueller, Daniel Neal, David Owens, Alan Payne, Ron Pelton, Butch & Laura Porter, Michael Proctor, Joe Russo, Jr., Tony Sanell, Dick Shaffer, Howard Schultz & Elsa Long, Don Schweiger, Bryan Seneviratne, Ron Shaffer, Terry & Cheryl Smart, Butch Smith, Jim Strang, Stan Thibaut, Pat Walsh, Barry West, John Wilson, new members Mike & Susan Burke, Chad Smith, Tab Baker, Al Maurine.  Guests:  Bob Carlson, Tony Strungis, Charlie Carroll, Steve Nord, Tom Marley, Jennifer Muller, Stephanie Baldwin, Peter Carte, Mike & Davina Overleas, John Logan, Ward Desplinter.

     See you next month, ride safe.



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